Every Night is a Full Moon This Fall at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The historic luxury hotel is set to transform its garden with a lunar display this autumn.

Tokyo Moon - Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

While many may associate Valentine's Day with love, autumn is the season of romance at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. The luxury urban resort is hosting an autumn event titled 'Tokyo Moon' from September to November 2023. Visitors can view the impressive display in the hotel's historic garden and begin their evening with a special moon-themed high tea menu. 

Japan has long had a custom of admiring the full moon, called tsukimi. Japanese people consider the autumn moon to be the most beautiful, and with the onset of autumn, tsukimi festivals are held throughout the country to express appreciation for the moon and for a good harvest. 

The moon is also connected to love in Japanese culture. In fact, back in the Meiji period, writer Natsume Soseki translated 'I love you' to 'tsuki ga kirei desu ne' (The moon is beautiful, isn't it?). The pink full moon of June, called the Strawberry Moon, is also said to be a symbol of love. 

For the Tokyo Moon display, a collection of mist, typically used for the Tokyo Sea of Clouds, will be used to form the large display. The hotel invites guests to spend a quiet autumn evening with their loved ones under the bright, warm light of the Tokyo Moon. 

"We are thrilled to have this new addition to our garden so that our guests can enjoy the beauty and phenomenon of a full moon throughout the entire autumn season," remarks Shinsuke Yamashita, General Manager.

Lobby Lounge Le Jardin will also prepare a Tokyo Moon-themed Evening High Tea menu. It will include roast beef, special tsukimi-themed treats, champagne and more. 

You can see more information about Tokyo Moon and related events on the hotel website.

About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is one of the city's most iconic luxury hotels with 70 years of history. The property includes 267 guest rooms/suites, nine restaurants, 38 meeting/banquet rooms, and a full-service spa with a Japanese onsen. Its award-winning garden has a wide variety of botanicals, including more than 100 cherry trees and 1,000 camellia trees. The standout feature of the garden is the 'Tokyo Sea of Clouds,' a recreation of the natural phenomenon that can usually only be found in the mountainous regions of Japan. The hotel is owned and managed by Fujita Kanko Inc., a publicly-traded tourism industry corporation headquartered in Tokyo. 

Source: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo