Everguard.ai Solutions Create Safer Manufacturing Workplaces to Attract More Workers


Everguard.ai, a developer of AI-based worker safety solutions, continues to expand its revolutionary technology to redefine industrial sustainability in an effort to help manufacturers create safe and healthy work environments to attract and retain workers. Sentri360®, a proprietary Worker-Centric AI™ technology platform, is the first artificial intelligence (AI) platform to create a conscious environment powered by sensor fusion that puts workers at its center, sensing distress and danger long before a human can. With record numbers of unfilled jobs limiting growth in the manufacturing sector, a renewed emphasis on worker health and safety is fueling adoption of innovations such as Everguard's Sentri360. 

According to Deloitte's 2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook, 38 percent of manufacturing executives reported that attracting workers is their top priority for 2022. This comes as little surprise as the manufacturing industry continues to feel the impact of labor shortages. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports there are currently only 66 workers for every 100 open jobs in the United States. To put this number into perspective, even if every unemployed person with experience in manufacturing were employed, only 65 percent of vacant jobs in this industry would be filled.

To combat this workforce shortage, manufacturers are turning their attention to advanced technologies to create safety cultures and environments where workers feel looked after and empowered. Combining computer vision (CV), sensor fusion, edge computing, and wearables, Everguard's Sentri360 is a proactive solution that has changed the safety paradigm. Whereas in the past safety teams were limited to looking at lagging indicators only after an incident occurred to try and prevent the next one, solutions such as Everguard's are - for the first time - allowing manufacturers to create a proactive approach to worker health and safety. 

"Manufacturers need to attract team members and fill the openings that are limiting them from meeting demand," said Sandeep Pandya, Chief Executive Officer of Everguard.ai. "That takes a whole host of initiatives but one of the most fundamental is demonstrating a culture that is committed to health and safety. So, whenever I am involved in a conversation about how manufacturers can attract and retain workers, my input is to start by creating a healthy and safe environment where workers know they can be successful."

Everguard's platform creates Sentri Zones™ with workers at the center, protecting them in some of the most complex industrial environments like steelmaking and forging. A combination of computer vision (CV), sensor fusion, edge computing, and wearables allows the platform to recognize when a worker is moments away from walking into the path of an overhead crane- and alert him or her to avoid a possible incident. Working with wearables, it can sense when a worker is dehydrated before he or she feels the first symptom - and send an alert to take a break and hydrate. By continuously scanning the air a worker is breathing, Sentri360 can notify him or her when pollutant levels reach dangerous levels. In these and other use cases, the system not only alerts but saves lives by developing an environment for industrial sustainability that finally puts workers at the center.

"The manufacturing sector is critical to our nation's economy but it can't survive - and certainly can't thrive - without the men and women who keep our mills and factories running every single day," said Pandya. "Technologies like Worker-Centric AI™ are one part of the solution to attracting and retaining more talented individuals back to manufacturing." 

About Everguard.ai

Everguard's mission is to protect companies' most important assets — their people — with the first proactive technology solution dedicated to industrial sustainability. We built our Sentri360® enterprise platform and ecosystem to harness Worker-Centric AI™, allowing technologies to interact in ways not possible independently. We're revolutionizing how heavy industry approaches worker safety, health, and welfare using AI technology to support companies in their missions to fulfill environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. We at Everguard believe every single father, mother, daughter, and son across the globe deserves to go home safely from work every day. Because even one is too many.

Source: Everguard.ai