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​​Evergreen Podcasts continues to strengthen its network of history-based podcasts, which currently includes This American President and Medal of Honor, with the launch of Conflicted: A History Podcast. Each month, host Zach Cornwell takes a hard look at the historical conflicts that raise difficult questions, stoke controversy, and send our moral compasses spinning. This long-form podcast revels in forgotten historical details and facts that enhance the overall narrative of the show. 

An advertising creative by trade and a history enthusiast at heart, Zach is the creator, writer, and producer of the show. Zach hails from Dallas, TX, and is most at ease with a good history book in one hand and a brisket taco in the other. 

“I’m thrilled to partner with the awesome people at Evergreen Podcasts to bring more of history’s most compelling stories to life,” said Zach Cornwell,  host of Conflicted, “ Their passion, knowledge, and expertise are a breath of fresh air and a perfect compliment to the show.” 

“We loved the depth and passion that Zach exhibits with each episode,” noted Michael DeAloia, CEO of Evergreen Podcasts, “This show is obviously a labor of love and we want Conflicted to gain the national following it deserves.”

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Zach Cornwell the host of Conflicted is available for interviews on all media platforms including TV, radio, online media and newspapers. Contact information is below. 

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