Evergreen Podcasts Grows Its True Crime Channel With Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color

'Fruitloops' shakes up the true crime narrative by focusing on crimes committed by and against people of color, stories that the mainstream media commonly leave out.

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The true crime scene is getting a shot of diversity with the weekly podcast, Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color. The podcast is joining the Evergreen Podcasts and Killer Podcasts true crime rosters. The show is hosted by two female true crime enthusiasts who realized the true crime genre was lacking stories that break the boundaries of the stereotypical suspect. 

Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color dives into the lives, culture, and social environment that may have contributed to the evolution of crimes and explores lesser-known yet skilled and prolific killers. Take the episode highlighting Menhaz Zama, a 23-year-old Bangladeshi Canadian who was chatting up fellow gamers in real time while murdering his entire family. Or Stephanie St. Clair, known as the Queen of Numbers and a gangster, civil rights advocate, fashionista, and businesswoman. She also has a tarnished criminal record. Disclaimer: Stephanie St. Clair has not been convicted of murder.

"Fruitloops shakes up the true crime narrative by focusing on crimes committed by and against people of color, stories that the mainstream media commonly leave out. True crime can be hard to hear about, and often hard for us to talk about, so humor is a key element of our show, while still remaining respectful to the victims," say hosts Wendy Williams and Beth Williams.

Fruitloops has earned all significant accolades from major media outlets as an innovative, fresh voice in the true-crime podcast arena. The show won the Best Black True Crime Podcast at the 2021 Black Podcasting awards, and The New York Times credits Fruitloops for "making racial justice their focus." Harper's Bazaar named the podcast one of the 17 best in the true crime genre. Parade gave props to Fruitloops for giving attention to true crime stories that don't always get the same attention as the Ted Bundys and BTK Killers of the world and most recently, the show was featured in Podcast Magazine in July 2022. "Every episode sets the scene, dives into the story, then ends with a few key tips for not getting murdered." 

"Fruitloops is a genre-bending podcast," noted Michael C. DeAloia, Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Podcasts, "And that is exactly what we are seeking in unique and powerful content. Wendy and Beth are dynamic hosts carefully examining the criminal and victim." 

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