Evergreen Podcasts and Eric Olsen Score with 'Heading For Home' - Celebrating 50 Years Since the Infamous Ten Cent Beer Night

Author and media veteran Eric Olsen dramatizes the 10 cent beer night riot of June 4, 1974, where fans, fueled by cheap beer, streaked and brawled with the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians Players

Heading For Home: A Ten Cent Beer Night Odyssey

On the 50th anniversary of the notorious and cataclysmic Ten Cent Beer Night riot, Evergreen Podcasts is pleased to present the meticulously researched docudrama Heading For Home: A Ten Cent Beer Night Odyssey. Fans, awash in cheap beer, streaked, chanted obscenities, pelted the players, then charged the field and brawled viciously.

The Heading For Home podcast dramatizes the incredible true story of the Ten Cent Beer Night riot of June 4, 1974, at Cleveland Stadium during the baseball game between the Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers. 

Narrated by Eric Olsen and replete with characters, sound effects, original music, streakers, flashers, a flood of cheap beer, drunken lunacy, and fans brawling with ballplayers in eight fast-moving episodes, Heading For Home places you in the middle of the action!

Written by Eric and Dawn Olsen. Performed by Buck McWilliams, Alex Olsen, Mars Fargo, Tom Fulton, Nathan Welsh, Marty O’Sullivan, Dawn Olsen, Donna Westfall, Bryan Westfall, and Richard Ingraham. Richard Ingraham is sound designer and original music composer. Original art by Kristen Kantounatakis.

The Episodes:

"Fans Stumble Into the Stadium" - Our Ten Cent Beer Night Riot docudrama begins: A brawl in Texas, frustration in Cleveland, pregame party on the train, fans stumble into the stadium, trouble in the stands.

"Game On: Play Ball at Ten Cent Beer Night" – the game begins.

"The Tribe Awakens" – sliding into history, a tribal drumbeat demands blood sacrifice, and the Rangers extend their lead. 

"Warrior Down: Chaos on the Field" - a warrior is felled, the field is festooned and fans run wild, the Indians show pluck, and the Rangers are bombed out of their bullpen.

"The Tribe Threatens" – The sane and the sober flee a beer tsunami, and the Tribe threatens. 

"All Hell Breaks Loose" – Our Ten Cent Beer Night Riot docudrama concludes: a fateful confrontation in right field, and all hell breaks loose.

Chatting with Ten Cent Beer Night Attendees Buck McWilliams, Terry Yerkic, and Jim Clark. 

Talking Ten Cent Beer Night Riot with Legendary Columnist Bob Dyer and Sports Journalist Vince Guerrieri.

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Meet The Host 

Eric Olsen is co-author of the prize-winning America’s Most Haunted book (Berkley, 2014) and host/producer of its long-running radio show and internet presence; lead author of the multiple award-winning The Encyclopedia of Record Producers (Billboard Books, 1999), co-author of pioneering indie classic Networking in the Music Industry (Hal Leonard, 1993); founder/publisher of Blogcritics.org; founder/publisher of The Morton Report with Andrew Morton; and has spent most of his adult life on radio and TV, most recently as Pop Music Expert on Cleveland’s PBS/NPR conglomerate Ideastream.

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