Everett Podiatrists Build Strong Web Presence With New Website

Dr. Kevin Morris and Dr. Jeffrey Boggs, foot doctors in Everett, Washington launch a new website for their practice, Everett Podiatric Sports Medicine.

Dr. Kevin Morris and Dr. Jeffrey Boggs, leading Pacific Northwest podiatrists, have launched a new website for their practice - Everett Podiatric Sports Medicine. The professional and educational website for these skilled foot doctors was created in order to better inform patients in the Snohomish area about optimal foot and ankle health with an emphasis on sports medicine.

From downloadable new patient forms to a convenient online appointment request form, the new website for these Everett podiatrists offers a full range of patient-friendly tools and is a great patient education resource. Patients can now access important sports-medicine and foot/ankle-related information and resources even when the office is closed.

In addition, the new website features an online store, fully stocked with a large range of foot-related products.

"Fitness and exercise leads to better management of the mind and body," says Dr. Kevin Morris, Everett podiatrist. "Medical conditions such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, as well as stress, anxiety and depression can be improved with exercise." If you are struggling with foot or ankle pain, and find it difficult to exercise, Dr. Boggs and Dr. Morris can help. "Many patients describe frustration and limitation by foot pain when they increase their activity level. Our goal is to evaluate the patient's functional status and help the patient develop a long term solution to treat and prevent the root causes of their foot pain."

Drs. Boggs and Morris, leading podiatrists in Everett, WA, bring over forty years of combined experience to their practice and the podiatric profession, having treated many happy patients during their careers and acquiring advanced training on an ongoing basis. Drs. Morris and Boggs and their dedicated team offer podiatric care for disorders of the foot and ankle, including ball-of-foot pain, heel pain, bunions, Achilles tendonitis and over-use injuries.

About Everett Podiatric Sports Medicine: Dr. Jeffrey Boggs and Dr. Kevin Morris of Everett Podiatric Sports Medicine are board certified podiatrists and foot surgeons in Everett. These experienced podiatrists treat foot and ankle problems with a mixture of leading-edge capabilities, devoted skill and expertise, and customized treatment plans.

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