Everest Naturals Releases a Multivitamin for Cold Sores


After years of perfecting its formula, Everest Naturals has released its SoreVita multivitamin, designed with cold sore sufferers in mind. SoreVita is a tailored formula multivitamin offering daily immune support against cold sores.

SoreVita is designed and tested by people with cold sores. They have searched far and wide for the best, optimum ingredients for a safe and effective vitamin formula for cold sores. SoreVita’s ingredients are simple and natural. The stable ingredients of the formula are found in most common multivitamins, while its natural blend contains fruits, vegetables and propolis derived from bees. 

According to the company: “We know exactly what it feels like to have a cold sore outbreak. We at Everest Naturals released this formula because we had tried it, perfected it over the years and it worked for us. We did it for ourselves first, and that’s how we know it works.”

Everest Naturals, the creator of SoreVita, is located in sunny Southern California. Its products are manufactured in the USA, in GMP certified facilities.


Everest Naturals: (442) 274-0228, support@sorevita.com

Source: Everest Naturals

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