Everest Group Recognizes GAVS as an 'Aspirant' in Independent Testing Services

GAVS is positioned as an 'Aspirant' on the PEAK Matrix™ in the Everest Group’s report, Independent Testing Services — PEAK Matrix™ Assessment & Profiles Compendium: “Reports of QA’s Death Are Not Exaggerated.”

The report includes an evaluation of the company's service suite, scale of operations and domain investments. GAVS is recognized for its value and outcome-based QA services aligned to clients’ business. Its independent testing services are recognized for reducing cost of operations, enhancing quality of the product, and improving time to market by using repeatable processes, reusable components and responsive methodologies.

"Our end-to-end testing suite comprises functional, performance, smoke and regression, test automation, acceptance and security testing. We offer testing as a service, focusing on critical points in the business. We try to move from typical application testing to business process assurance and drive test-driven implementation and help customers create a mindset of outcomes during the incubation of the application or product itself. Our key objectives are to facilitate faster time to market through compressed test cycles, lesser cost of ownership and more importantly predictability of the business process itself through higher uptimes and availability." - Balaji Uppili, CDO, GAVS Technologies.

The Quality Assurance (QA) function is undergoing a fundamental change, driven by automation technologies that have a measurable impact on business outcomes. GAVS Technologies has done well to establish its name in the QA marketplace with its focus on test automation. It is carving out a space for itself through its proactive account engagement and resource flexibility, which are resonating well with its clients.” - Chirajeet Sengupta, Partner, IT Services, Everest Group.

Everest Group is a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing. Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™ for Independent Testing Services Report presents the assessment and detailed profiles of 22 IT service providers featured on the independent testing services PEAK Matrix. Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix is a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to a service provider’s scale, scope, technology/domain investments, delivery footprint, and resultant market success in the context of a given services function.

About GAVS 

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global IT services & solutions provider for customers across multiple industry verticals, enabling digital transformation through automation-led IT infrastructure solutions. Our offerings are powered by Smart Machines, DevOps & Predictive Analytics and aligned to improve user experience by 10X and reduce resource utilization by 40 percent. Learn more at www.gavstech.com.


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