EverBetter Launches With Mission of Helping Parents Find Personalized Care Through New Mobile App

The tele-therapy program offers comprehensive counseling for parents of teens in need.

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 EverBetter, a comprehensive teletherapy mental health program serving parents of tweens, teens, and young adults who are experiencing behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, social withdrawal or alcohol/substance use concerns, is connecting patients with licensed clinicians through its new online platform and mobile app. Patients log in using the EverBetter mobile app or the EverBetter desktop application; the entirety of the session is conducted live, remotely. This gives parents the opportunity to receive the support and critical information they need to help guide their children through whatever difficulties they may be facing, regardless of their physical location. 

After the volume of mental health emergencies surged in the U.S. as a result of both the opioid crisis and the COVID-19 outbreak, the EverBetter team was inspired to set out on a new mission - to give parents access to a comprehensive therapeutic resource in an effective and convenient way. The team looks to provide a confidential, stigma-free environment for concerned parents and caregivers to obtain information and guidance. 

President of EverBetter Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds said, "So many families have been thrown into turmoil by COVID, and we're seeing record levels of anxiety and depression among tweens and teens nationwide. Parents need more support than ever before, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them a confidential, cost-effective and convenient way to connect with top-flight licensed clinicians."

EverBetter is not a family therapy program - rather, they are a team of mental health professionals aiming to supply parents with the tools they need to support the timely diagnosis, treatment, and resolution of adolescent behavioral issues.

With EverBetter, parents are not randomly assigned a clinician or matched with one based on a computerized algorithm. Instead, the EverBetter team carefully considers the individual preferences and needs of each parent and then leverages their decades of industry experience caring for families to inform personalized matching. EverBetter's primary goal is to match parents to seasoned professionals with the education, training, temperament, and experience that will best guide them through their unique set of circumstances.

As Dr. Rachelle Hansen, Clinical Director of EverBetter, puts it, "EverBetter has highly skilled, experienced and carefully screened mental health professionals who are supported by our case management team of accomplished social workers with decades of experience helping teens and families find local referrals in emergency situations. Unlike telehealth sites that use an algorithm or randomly assign clinicians to consumers, EverBetter's experienced clinical team hand selects each clinician and facilitates an introduction to ensure the best match."

To learn more about EverBetter's personalized services, please visit https://www.everbetternetworks.com/

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EverBetter is a comprehensive tele-therapy mental health program serving parents of children, tweens, teens and young adults who are experiencing behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, social withdrawal or alcohol/substance use concerns.

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