Eventeny Unveils Ticket Reselling and Seat Select, an Innovative Pairing That Will Empower Organizers and Attendees to Get the Most Out of Event Registration

Eventeny, a leading event management software provider with a six-year track record, announces the introduction of two cutting-edge features to enhance the registration segment of its comprehensive platform. These features, Ticket Reselling and Seat Select, provide event organizers with tools that streamline operations while benefiting attendees.

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Eventeny introduces Ticket Reselling, a feature that gives organizers the option of allowing attendees to resell their tickets in a secure and convenient manner after an event has sold out.

Benefits of Ticket Reselling:

1. Reduced Refunds and Disputes: Organizers can minimize the impact of refunds and disputes by allowing ticket buyers to resell their tickets through the platform.

2. Eliminate After-Market Ticket Sales: Attendees can recoup most of the original ticket cost, creating a win-win situation by preventing ticket scalping while providing peace of mind to ticket buyers - all without changing their refund policy.

3. Bonus Ticket Revenue: Tickets are resold at the current market value, determined by the organizer. If the market value of a ticket increases, the buyer is refunded their original purchase amount. Any difference is added to event revenue, giving control to the event organizer.

Seat Select: Elevating the Event Experience with Personalized Seating

Eventeny introduces Seat Select, an addition to their already robust scalable mapping feature. Seat Select is a powerful drag-and-drop editor that allows organizers to craft detailed seating charts for their events. Integrated with the ticketing feature, Seat Select allows ticket buyers to choose their preferred seats while checking out.

Benefits of Seat Select:

1. Customizable Seating Charts: Organizers can design seating arrangements to match the unique layout of their venue. Seat Select can be customized and used with concert venues, banquet halls, outdoor spaces, and more.

2. Autonomous Seat Selection: If allowed by the Event Organizer, attendees can select their seats during ticket purchasing, adding a personalized touch to their event experience.

Eventeny CEO, Aly Hussaini, comments on these new additions, "These new tools, coupled with our strong registration software, continue to make Eventeny a game-changer for event organizers. Beyond simplifying payments and ticketing, they open up a world of financial flexibility, putting organizers in the driver's seat. We’ve already helped events like Galaxycon and Florida Renaissance Fest streamline registration, and we’re excited to see similar results with the thousands of other events hosted on Eventeny." 

With over 10,000 events hosted in North America, Eventeny continues to revolutionize event management. The addition of Ticket Reselling and Seat Select reaffirms Eventeny's position as a trailblazer in the industry.

About Eventeny:

Eventeny is an all-in-one event management software designed to alleviate the stress on event organizers. With a suite of all-inclusive features, Eventeny has been a trusted partner for event organizers for six years. Learn more at eventeny.com.

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About Eventeny

Eventeny is an all-in-one event management software solution founded on the belief that managing large-scale events with hundreds of exhibitors, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers should not be stressful and burdensome. Our mission is to remove event

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