Event Planners and Local Communities Now Have Expanded Capabilities Through ETHOS Event Collective, Launched by Joe Fijol

ETHOS Event Collective combines technology, data measurement, and social responsibility with a new vision to help strengthen the impact of meetings and events.

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Industry veterans Joe Fijol and Sharon Purewal have announced the launch of a new event management company, ETHOS Event Collective. Driven by a philosophy they call "Purposeful Planning", ETHOS will help clients improve return on investment while supporting the communities where meetings and events are held.

"Over my 25 years in the industry, I've experienced all types of circumstances and occurrences that can have a significant impact on meetings and events," said Joe Fijol, ETHOS Principal, Florida. "The events of the last year are a wake-up call. They have signaled the vital need for a business to enhance personal connections through technology and research at all levels while also accepting the social responsibility to align the needs of its meetings and events with those of their host communities."

Responsible for award-winning programs like The IRF Invitational at Loews Miami Beach Hotel and Marriott Associations Masters at The JW Turnberry Miami, Fijol and his team have earned The Stella Gold Award two years running. They're also joined by industry veteran Sharon Purewal and her award-winning Northern California team.

"This group has been in the industry for decades, providing the best experiences throughout the Southeast and Northwest," said Sharon Purewal, ETHOS Principal, Northern California. "During that time, we've watched planners continually pressed to do more with less while being at the tip of the sword when economic or environmental challenges hit. Our purpose is to help protect them from future fluctuations by connecting meetings and events creativity and activity to broader business goals."

In partnership with ROI Institute, ETHOS will offer a tool that measures meetings and events effectiveness across a variety of areas including learning, productivity and revenue. Based on an established methodology used by leading companies, it will allow planners to show the greater impact meetings and events have across the organization. "Planners are often surprised by the substantial value this process can demonstrate," said Patti Phillips, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of ROI Institute. "The chain of impact for meetings and events is far-reaching, and our approach connects tangible outcomes to every aspect of a program while providing data to improve experiences and efficiency year-over-year."

Early industry response indicates excitement about this new offering. "The ability to quantify ROI from a participant, sponsor, exhibitor and organization perspective is a game changer," said Patricia Kerr, CMP. "This forward-thinking approach and expanded services is why ETHOS is a trusted destination and event management partner."

ETHOS will also add enhanced technology support for live, virtual and hybrid events to facilitate better experiences, connection and planning efficiency. "Applying the right solution to fit the need is when you fully realize ROI on technology," said Eric Warfield, ETHOS Director of IT. "We work with planners to identify what solutions will have a purpose, then customize the tools so resources aren't wasted."

About ETHOS Event Collective

Ethos Event Collective is a Destination & Event Management Company that helps meeting and event planners stay ahead of increasing demands while supporting the people and places that make the experiences we create possible. We call it Purposeful Planning and it's how we ensure results for both company and community long after a meeting or event has ended. To learn more go to www.ethoseventcollective.com.


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Source: ETHOS Event Collective

Source: ETHOS Event Collective

About ETHOS Event Collective

ETHOS Event Collective is a Destination and Event Management Company that helps meeting and event planners stay ahead of increasing demands while supporting the people and places that make the experiences we create possible.

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