Event Medical Services Launched in Melbourne, Victoria

Medical Response have commenced providing first aid for events across Victoria. They are a team of highly skilled emergency services personnel with university qualifications in paramedicine or nursing.

Medical Response has launched an event first aid service in Melbourne, Victoria.

Medical Response service a range of events, including equestrian, television and film productions, sporting events, football, soccer, community events, concerts and corporate functions.  At these events, Medical Response provides a qualified paramedic or nurse on standby, to treat patrons or staff members who may become ill or injured at the event.

Medical Response provide affordable event medical care, across Victoria. Their team consists of university trained paramedics and nurses with real emergency services experience.

Jay T., Operations Manager

Medical Response have the latest in medical equipment, including general first aid supplies, kits, ECG machines, defibrillators, resuscitation equipment, oxygen, airway support, spinal immobilisation equipment, wheelchairs and other equipment to ensure patients are looked after in the best possible way. Prior to the event, Medical Response's operations manager will consult with the event organisers to complete a extensive event medical plan and risk assessment, ensuring every possible risk within the event is covered.

Medical Response paramedics are all university trained, and have experience in working for major emergency services.  This translates in to the best possible patient care. Medical Response complete a comprehensive patient care report for each patient treated, and provide the event organisers a report on their operations, allowing for any trends in injury or illness to be identified.

Medical Response staff are identifiable by our unique 5.11 Tactical uniforms, with patches and embroidery that clearly state "medical".  Medical Response  also have 4x4 type vehicles fully marked with logos and reflective markings.

Medical Response service all parts of Melbourne, Gippsland, Geelong, and will travel to all parts of Victoria.  More information on Medical Response's event medical service, can be found at their website, http://medicalresponse.com.au or call them on 1300 303 655.​

About Medical Response

We provide nurses and paramedics with real life emergency services experience for your event. We cover all types of events across Victoria, including sporting events, concerts, corporate functions and community events.

Medical Response
617/585 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC