Evaluations and Defense Testimony Expert, Dr. Jeffrey Freiden, Currently Offering a No-Fee Phone Consultation for Attorneys

"Let's discuss your case and plan your evaluation strategy at no charge to you," says Dr. Freiden.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Jeffrey Freiden has provided pre-sentence and post-sentence evaluations for defense attorneys and their clients. Dr. Freiden is also an expert in courtroom testimony and has been engaged by numerous law firms in multiple states.

Because the vast majority of attorneys across the country are currently still in lockdown or working from home, Dr. Freiden is now offering a free phone consultation for attorneys who need to discuss their cases and evaluations. Although the evaluations must be done in person, the initial phone consultation is designed for clients to cover any questions or missing details of the case.

“I consult with attorneys on a regular basis, discussing their cases in great detail,” notes Dr. Freiden. “Oftentimes, the reason they come to me is to remedy a poor or ‘botched’ evaluation from an ill-prepared therapist. Attorneys need to be aware that evaluations must be done in person and not over the phone, zoom, or via teleconferencing.”

The process is as follows: Dr. Freiden will schedule a complimentary phone consultation with an attorney to discuss a case. This is followed by a face-to-face meeting between Dr. Freiden and the client. Please note that Dr. Freiden follows all COVID-19 safety precautions throughout every in-person meeting. “Our entire staff and our clients must follow all safety and sanitary precautions before and during our in-person meetings,” says Dr. Freiden. “We regularly sanitize the office and require that masks be worn throughout our meetings.”

About Dr. Freiden

Since 1996, Dr. Jeffrey Freiden has worked in the field of Sexually Offending Behavior, conducting Sex Offender Risk Evaluations, providing treatment and testifying in state and federal court. He is an evaluations and defense witness testimony expert working with numerous law firms located throughout the U.S. He is currently the evaluator and treatment provider for Shelby County Department of Corrections, Tennessee Department of Corrections, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the United States Court Office of Probation.


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