EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions Provider EvGateway Launches Canada Operations

EvGateway will deliver turnkey EV Charging Management Solutions for Canadian Customers regardless of their requirements or business models

EvGateway Network

EvGateway, a California-based turnkey EV infrastructure solutions provider, announced the launch of its Canadian Operations with the opening of its first location in the Greater Toronto Area. The company will provide innovation in the Canadian EV charging management marketplace and help advance EV adoption by offering easy-to-use solutions for drivers and charger owners alike.

The EvGateway Network will deliver advanced controls and features to Canadian fleet operators, large enterprises as well as public and private charging station owners, to allow them to effectively manage and optimize their own EV charging infrastructure.

The company provides intelligent and advanced EV charging management services for customers of all industries and varied charging requirements and has opened a customer help desk and regional office in Ontario to offer local support to Canadian customers.  

By combining the charger management features with the ability to integrate with Electric Vehicles, Energy Management Systems and Telematics functionalities, EvGateway will bring to the Canadian market the most efficient and innovative EV Charging solutions in the industry.

This marks EvGateway's continued global expansion that now includes local presence in USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The EvGateway network is integrated with all major EV charger manufacturers and has the capability to provide customers with the largest variety of options for a best-in-class turnkey offering.

"Expanding our North American footprint to Canada and contributing to its EV initiatives is an exciting next step for EvGateway's growth," said EvGateway's President, Reddy Marri. "EvGateway's global experience of integration of various technologies like telematics, V2G, CRMs into its SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform, enables it to provide effective solutions to clients of all sizes and adapt to every changing scenario". 

EvGateway's Vice-President (Technology) Nishanth Kalidindi said, "The company offers white-label solutions to Canadian customers that enable them to invest and grow their individual brands. Our global experience in integrating fleet telematics, payment gateways, load optimization, onsite solar and battery storage integration will provide flexibility and readiness for all the various customer requirements."

About EvGateway

EvGateway is a turnkey EVSE infrastructure solutions provider with capabilities ranging from hardware procurement and networking to payment gateway, white label software development and 24x7 support for the EV Charging stations. We partner with some of the world's leading companies to make EV charging convenient for all users in every market. 

For more information, visit www.evgateway.com

Laura Pichardo, Head of Marketing and Corporate Partnerships

Source: EvGateway

About Evgateway

EvGateway is a hardware-agnostic Electric Vehicle Charging network that provides turnkey, customizable solutions to the end customer regardless of their requirements and charging needs. Our charging management network offering includes white label software development, mobile app and 24x7 support
for the EV Charging stations. We partner with some of the world's leading companies to make charging convenient.

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