Europe's First Chain of Vegan Shoe Stores Opens EU-Wide Online Shop

After a brand relaunch earlier this year, German's vegan shoe retailer avesu opened its online shop for customers across the EU. Vegans and ethical consumers can now order from a wide selection of vegan and ethically manufactured footwear and accessories.

​​Berlin, Germany – Earlier this month, German vegan and ethical shoes retailer avesu opened its new dedicated online shop for customers across the EU. Vegans and ethical consumers from outside Germany can now visit to order from avesu’s carefully selected and currently unrivalled range of vegan and ethically manufactured shoes.

Over the past five years, avesu has established itself as a successful pioneer within both the European ethical and vegan shoe market and the European vegan business community as a whole. Demand from potential customers outside of Germany is now so great that avesu has decided to respond positively to those requests with a dedicated English-language online shop to allow vegans and ethical shoppers from throughout the EU to easily find and order the shoes to fit their lifestyle.

The EU shop offers the entire range of avesu’s products, displayed in a modern, easy-to-use and redesigned website. Carbon-neutral shipping is calculated automatically by country, together with estimated delivery times, and payments can be processed easily using a credit/debit card or PayPal.

This new EU-wide online shop has coincided with an extensive rebranding​with a new logo, new corporate design and extensive English-language explanations of the company and its philosophy for the new, wider audience.

The EU shop will be followed by a dedicated equivalent for the UK market, where customers will be able to pay in sterling, as well as future physical stores to follow across Europe.


avesu was founded in July 2010 by Dirk Zimmermann and Thomas Reichel, after recognising how hard it was for vegan, ethically minded consumers to find good shoes to fit their lifestyle, habits and personal style. They created avesu to provide the shoes for all life’s journeys.

The first avesu online shop was a small home business run from a single–​room, shared apartment in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. These humble beginnings, and honest idea, evolved into a successful business. In 2011, avesu​ opened their first store in Berlin. By 2013, the online shop had grown to become Europe’s first vegan shoe store chain, with two stores in Berlin and a third in Hamburg.

The company anticipates further growth as growing numbers of vegans and awareness about environmental, human rights and animal rights issues continues to encourage consumers to seek out ethical alternatives in every area of their lives, including footwear.