Eurisotop Responds to Market Demand for Deuterated Chloroform

Eurisotop, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL), announced a capacity expansion of its deuterated chloroform production. Since its acquisition by CIL in 2001, Eurisotop has become a leading producer of deuterated NMR solvents and is the premier supplier of CIL stable isotope-labeled compounds in Europe. Eurisotop initially operated one reactor that produced 6 tons of deuterated chloroform per year. This new expansion consisted of adding a second reactor (twin reactors) and, when operating simultaneously and continuously, can produce tens of tons of product per year.

“Cambridge Isotope had recently conducted an analysis of a broad sampling of deuterated chloroform products from a number of global suppliers. The production process and technology at Eurisotop was a clear standout in terms of quality and repeatability. This investment makes the CIL Group the world’s largest supplier of deuterated chloroform. By increasing capacity, Eurisotop will have the capability to meet all customer requirements with the world’s highest quality product. The combination of Eurisotop and CIL in the United States makes the CIL Group the clear supplier of choice for researchers across the globe.” states Cliff Caldwell, CEO of CIL.

Deuterated chloroform (chloroform-d) is the most commonly and widely used solvent in NMR spectroscopy. The growing global demand of deuterated chloroform required this essential expansion.

“This new expansion is designed to provide a better-quality, higher-purity product for the customer that is guaranteed to be without acidity and phosgene, with a very low water content,” adds Eurisotop Production Manager Philippe Thourel. “The expansion will enable the group to meet the growing needs of our customers and provide a wide range of products to meet all requirements.”

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