Etventure Invests in Major US Expansion

Lukas Bower appointed as CEO North America


Building upon their success as one of Europe’s fastest-growing digital consultancies, Etventure has announced plans to significantly expand their US operations.

To spearhead the expansion, Etventure has appointed Lukas Bower as CEO North America - based in New York.  Lukas brings more than 20 years experience in corporate innovation and digital transformation. Prior to Etventure, Lukas led the US launch of Australian technology and services firm Squiz.

"We are delighted to have Lukas on boardHe embodies our startup spirit, and will support the management team driving our ongoing international expansion and growth."

Philipp Depiereux, Etventure's Founder

“We are delighted to have Lukas on board,” said Philipp Depiereux, Etventure’s founder “He embodies our startup spirit, and will support the management team driving our ongoing international expansion and growth.”

Andreas Stark, a key member of the Etventure Europe team, will also relocate to New York to support the expansion. Further US appointments are planned in the near future.​

Etventure helps traditional businesses innovate - to meet the challenges of the digital age. We embed our entrepreneurs within client companies to build new digital capabilities, and then empower our clients to manage these digital teams themselves. We also help companies identify high-potential digital opportunities, and build their own startups to capitalize on them.​

Bill Partalis, CEO of Kloeckner Metals Corporation states, “Our close partnership with Etventure has enabled us to drive the digitalization of our supply chain from the ground up. Without the expertise, speed and agility of etventure we would not be where we are today.”

Etventure specializes in “old economy” sectors - including manufacturing, metals, packaging, logistics and financial services. Our exceptional track record delivering winning outcomes for our clients continues to drive our phenomenal growth. Learn more at

About Etventure

Etventure is a digital consultancy and delivery partner. We help traditional companies identify and execute winning digital ideas, build their own digital capability, and launch their own startups to capitalize on high-potential opportunities. Learn more at

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About etventure

etventure is a digital innovation company. We began in the startup world, and retain our startup pedigree and culture. We help our clients innovate - use digital technology to transform their business, positioning our clients for the digital future.

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