Ethicality Has Developed a Tool to Help Make Impactful and Ethical Shopping Decisions

Shoppers have not had ready access to information they need to make responsible shopping decisions and thereby enact change in the world.

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Consumers have grown increasingly concerned about the influence and power of large unethical companies. Few people feel comfortable supporting businesses that employ children, blatantly disregard laws, or pollute our beautiful Earth. But the overwhelming majority of people lack the information needed to determine which companies are deserving of our dollars and which companies they should avoid at all costs. To make matters worse, the information on the ethical nature of these companies that has been compiled is either expensive, hard to find or is geared specifically towards investors. This leaves the average consumer bereft of vital information to make informed shopping decisions. Ethicality is a brand new business here to give consumers the tools and information necessary to make informed and ethical shopping decisions.

Ethicality works using a simple web extension that has access to its ever growing database of information where it pulls the information on a company either by analyzing a product page or by searching directly. The information that is given is simple and straightforward, easy enough for anyone to understand and make a good decision with.

Ethicality service overview:

  • Shoppers don't have ready access to the information needed to make responsible buying decisions
  • An easy to read format that gives quick information on whether a company is ethical or not.
  • The power to enact change through useful social and environmental information
  • A seamless integration into a chrome browser that does all the background work.
  • Feel good about shopping decisions.

About Ethicality

Founded by a pair of friends with a good idea and a desire to help people make good choices. Our goal is to spread awareness of the misdeeds of large companies and support small businesses that are doing great things for the planet and society. See more at and download the extension for Chrome here.

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About Ethicality

Ethicality is here to help people make smart and ethical shopping decisions by scoring companies based on their environmental and social impact.

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