Ethermon Turns Community Into Legends With New PFP Collection

Legend PFPs will provide holders new ways to battle, adventure, earn, and impact the game.

Ethermon Legends

Ethermon, a leading PvP NFT game built on Ethereum and Polygon, has joined forces with Polygonal Mind, a leading creative development studio specializing in 3D metaverse content, for the release of its upcoming Legends PFP Collection. Building on Ethermon's established "play and earn" gameplay, the Legends collection will include 5,555 NFTs with GameFi and DeFi utility.

Since its inception in 2017 as the first NFT-based battle game on Ethereum, the project has been expanding its ecosystem. Ethermon earned the highest level of support from the Decentraland DAO, passing a US$240,000 grant proposal in March 2022. The team has since expedited the development of the largest game-focused district in Decentraland, spanning 668 LAND parcels.

To design the Legend traits, Ethermon has partnered with Crypto Avatars, the specialized studio belonging to Polygonal Mind which is focused exclusively on the creation of avatars. The aim of this studio is to create interoperable identities to be used in different metaverses, making for the perfect symbiosis between the two studios to bring the Legends PFP to life in Decentraland. Legend holders will be airdropped an animated 3D version of their 2D Legend, which they can use as their avatar across the metaverse. While playing in the MMO-inspired Ethermon District, their Legend will provide exclusive battle buffs, loot drops, and VIP event access.

With now over 65,000 unique NFT holders and 20,000 $EMON token holders, the team has turned its attention to driving more value back to its dedicated community. All whitelisted addresses will be guaranteed an additional airdrop of 3 rare Mon NFTs with the purchase of a Legend during the this first presale only. The Legends mint will begin on Thursday, July 21 at 1 p.m. UTC with an initial tranche of 555 of the total 5555 supply, priced at 0.1 ETH. 

Beyond this, Ethermon looks to lead the way in gamified NFT staking. Players will be able to earn the game's native cryptocurrency at a high APR by staking a combination of one Legend PFP, Mon, and $EMON per staking transaction.

Since its community took over the game from the original team in 2019, Ethermon has been community-driven and has strived to embody the "DAO spirit." Its dedicated community actively develops mini-games, tools, and resources to help grow the ecosystem, often stepping into more committed roles on the official team.

Legend ownership will provide another key benefit for players aiming to direct the game's development. Voting Power in the Ethermon DAO will be determined by NFT and token holdings, with Legend NFT ownership holding the significant weight. As one of the first votes, DAO members will determine further details concerning the voting weight of Legends.

To test out different Legends combinations and learn more about the Legends PFP Collection, visit the official Legends site.

Source: Ethermon