eStore Factory is Now an Official Member of Amazon Ads Partner Network

Known for delivering precise and scalable sales-driven service, eStore Factory is now an official member of Amazon Advertisement Partners Network - a global community of vetted agencies and service providers that help sellers of all scale achieve sustainable growth over Amazon using advertisements as a trusted medium.

Consultancy for Amazon Sellers

In October, eStore Factory - a fully stacked Amazon service provider, joined the Amazon Advertising Partner network.  

The network was created to centralize agencies and tool providers for seamless delivery of results to advertising customers, which, in turn, will help them develop their overall venture, grow sales and help them work tightly knitted with Amazon advertising.  

Adding more, the members working with eStore Factory will be able to showcase their ability by achieving and earning display certifications in their respective areas of expertise. It will help establish a better rapport with the client and, at the same time, the team will be able to offer better advertising services as they are aware about in-depth tactics.  

Also, such partnerships come bearing a lot of gifts in the basket. It can be a boon for brands, who are willing to scale Amazon for additional sales and another platform to expand their footprint. Also, eStore Factory will now have early access to new launches, beta programs, campaign strategies, along with any new updates, which, in turn, will maximize its potential to deliver outstanding results to the brands they serve and get the most of their advertising campaigns.  

"The management at eStore Factory is very eager to put this plan into action at the earliest. We predict that the benefits of our partnership in the network will enable us to scale great heights for our clients. We are more than delighted to work with Amazon as an official partner in any capacity. Our every step of the process is geared towards helping our client save time and make money. This partnership will offer such tools and resources to our team, who will ensure to deliver results. Amazon is continuously evolving by adding new features and we are more than happy to be a part of such amazing journey. We are excited to offer in-depth insights, ROI, sales to our clients, and, the same time, our managers will be able to offer the highest level of service. eStore Factory and Amazon have had a great run until now, and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future."

- Jimi Patel | CEO | eStore Factory 

About eStore Factory  

We work in tandem with our clients to help them get the best out of their marketing and advertising campaigns. Clients can reply to us for valuable insight and scalable results. For 7 years, the teams working on different backgrounds and platforms have cultivated the art to work together and deliver what is best for the client.  

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