Essential Management Group Opens Positions for New Graduates

Essential Management Group’s leaders recently announced a new hiring push focused on recent college graduates. Dwayne, the Managing Director, indicated that both internships and permanent positions are available.

According to Dwayne, finding and attracting the best young professionals is central to Essential Management Group’s lasting success. His team regularly searches for talented people coming from the nation’s colleges and universities.

“We have found that millennials make excellent additions to our team,” he stated. “They have the energy and passion that we look for in every associate. We always make it a priority to offer opportunities to current students and recent graduates. This is precisely what motivated our current hiring push.”

"We always make it a priority to offer opportunities to current students and recent graduates."



He added that Essential Management Group’s openings include sales consulting, marketing and sales, and campaign management roles. New team members will be offered training in all facets of the business, numerous advancement opportunities, a highly interactive work experience, chances to travel, and a team-oriented culture.

“All our associates have the chance to enter our leadership development program,” Dwayne continued. “This can lead to running an entire office in the future. Additionally, people who come and work with us will be entering a very supportive culture. We believe in pushing each other to be the best we can be. When the group succeeds, everyone benefits.”

He said that applicants should have at least a high school education; a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a similar field is preferable but not required. Additionally, a well-qualified applicant should have two years of experience in customer service, be driven and ambitious, goal-oriented, friendly, solution-focused, and a team player.

“Everyone who joins our team will receive thorough training,” Dwayne emphasized. “So, having a great attitude is a quality we prioritize in prospective hires. Anyone interested should apply via our website.” 

Essential Management Group’s Managing Director Discussed Internships

Internships are also part of the Essential Management Group recruitment push. According to Dwayne, current students should complete internships if possible. “Getting industry experience is a great way for students to set themselves apart,” he explained. “It is the perfect time to be seeking mentors, taking risks, and trying new things. Internships are ideal means of accomplishing these goals.”

He added that interns also offer a lot of value to businesses. They are usually driven, creative, and ready to work hard. Dwayne stated that interns often become the best full-time team members. “Internships are true win-win situations,” he concluded. “I think managers and college students should be interested in making them happen.”

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