Eskaes Investment Introduces New Premises

Eskaes Investment decided to concentrate its efforts and funds investing in various real estate units located on the territory of the Republic of Haiti.

Haiti is located on one of the islands located in Antilles apx. and it takes the second place in terms of the size. The population of the island is approximately 20 million people. This place has a perfect combination of comfortable and mild climate, mountains, rivers, streams, and evergreen tropic trees. It also has a very diverse animal world. This place is very popular among the tourists and due to constant support from the side of world community the island keeps developing.

Eskaes Investment Limited has been plotting the relocation for quite a long time and the perspective to switch the main focus to the real estate of Haiti seems as a perfect variant. Recent credit crisis which happen on this Mediterranean island reinforced the decision of the CEO and members of the board to move the place of interest of the company to the other territory. Still, most likely that the headquarters of Eskaes Investment Limited will remain on Cyprus. Right now all core staff members are already working in Haiti forming the active portfolio of the company adding new local units to the list of available property. According to the preliminary plans the headquarters will accommodate the HR department and client care department. Public relations department may also remain there.

Eskaes Investment Limited is constantly expanding the number of units to offer its customers. Due to massive advertisement campaign conducted on the territory of Europe the company experiences constant and stable demand of the clients located in Old World.


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