erthos Positions Itself as the World’s Biomaterial Design Leader

Powered By ZYA™, Its Proprietary AI Platform, erthos® Studio Provides an End-to-End Biomaterial Development Solution 5X Faster With A 92% Cost Reduction.

erthos®'s co-founding team

erthos® was founded in 2018 by Nuha Siddiqui and Kritika Tyagi to showcase the viability of plant-based materials and reduce the global dependency on plastics. Today, the VC-backed, women-led company announces a new direction, transitioning from a manufacturing company to an AI-powered climate technology company to accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable materials worldwide.

“The long-lasting impact of plastic pollution extends far beyond the 400 million tons of plastic waste we see in our ecosystems yearly. Plastic pollution is now evidently co-related to our health as humans and is projected to contribute to 19% of global GHG emissions by 2040,” declared erthos® CEO and Co-founder Nuha Siddiqui. “To fulfill our mission of meeting the urgency of the climate crisis, we recognize the need to scale our impact by empowering other companies to reach their sustainability goals.”

The company’s new direction is made possible by the launch of erthos® Studio, powered by its proprietary machine learning AI platform ZYA™. erthos® Studio digitizes the R&D process and closes the gap between ideation and commercialization of biomaterials across consumer goods, retail, and packaging. In particular, ZYA™ streamlines the material discovery and development processes by leveraging erthos®'s proprietary and industry-tested biobased ingredients to design next-gen materials for superior performance, cost, environmental footprint, and industry compliance.

"erthos® understands there is no one-size-fits-all for plastic alternatives, especially because scale and commercialization are industry non-negotiables to achieve meaningful impact," added Horizon Ventures Investor Kerry Liu. "Their expertise in material science, chemistry, and environmental design makes collaboration between erthos® and the world's biggest CPG and material companies seamless. erthos®'s custom alternatives to traditional plastics can help these companies rapidly improve their environmental footprints."

erthos®’s holistic approach to biomaterial design is comprised of a Formulation Discovery phase, a Material Development phase, and a Product Launch phase. The process starts by leveraging ZYA™ to rapidly predict and generate formulations that meet their clients’ specific needs, ranging from mechanical to cost and sustainable properties - including GHG emissions, disintegration rates, and more. Then, the platform pulls from hundreds of ingredients. These findings are rapidly tested and validated in erthos® Lab. Once the formulations are ready, erthos® provides a full launch roadmap, including branding capabilities to support stakeholder engagement. erthos® also works with existing formulations that need to be improved for a new application, a new sustainability target, or optimal performance.

CPG and material companies turn to erthos® to build ready-to-scale, custom biobased resins, coatings, and additives in just 3 to 6 months that are compatible with their existing manufacturing and supply chain systems. The result: a 92% reduction in development cost, alongside a significant decrease in raw material waste through more efficient sourcing and ingredient selection.

Today, erthos® is proud to help companies meet their cost, functional, and sustainability targets while building a material-consciousness and environmentally just world.

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About erthos®

As a climate technology company specializing in sustainable material design, we focus on rapidly reducing the global dependency on plastics by accelerating the scale and widespread adoption of biomaterials.