ERP Services Provides 'Change ERP' Workshops for Companies Looking to Replace ERP Systems

ERP Services provides tailor-made Change ERP workshops to assist companies that are looking to replace their existing ERP system.

ERP Services, a top ERP system consulting firm in Sri Lanka, provides tailor-made Change ERP workshops for companies that have outgrown their current ERP solution or are unhappy with their existing systems, and are looking to replace their existing solution.

This comprehensive workshop aims to troubleshoot why existing ERP systems are not suitable for a company’s growth and development, provides a second chance viewpoint from a managerial perspective, and determines what lessons can be learnt from previous ERP system, pitfalls to avoid and factors to consider for the successful implementation of a new ERP system.

ERP systems form a vital backbone of companies, where a good ERP system is convenient and easy for users, provides the functionality necessary to run operations, and delivers a competitive advantage to a company. Unfortunately, there are circumstances when the existing ERP system does not meet the needs of a company and is unable to support the growth and innovation that a company desires. This may be due to choosing an initial ERP system without proper information or based on a general recommendation which might not have been suitable for the company’s specific needs. 

Undoing an ERP implementation and introducing a new solution is often a difficult task; however by understanding a company’s needs, management will not repeat initial mistakes and will be able to take advantage of the numerous benefits of the correct ERP system for their business.

According to Mr Fernando, founder of ERP Service, “Changing an ERP is a tough decision to make given the sunk costs and the hassles you have to go through. However, the gains in productivity, service, and cost effectiveness from getting the right system will outpace the growing negative impacts of staying with the wrong one.”

The workshop is tailored for decision makers, senior execs, department heads and key users. There is a collective learning effort that takes place with the core group responsible for the previous ERP. These lessons learned are then applied to the new selection process.

Companies with existing ERP systems that are growing faster than their systems can support or are losing business to competitors due to slow business processes or ill-timed business decisions due to lack of easy access to information should consider replacing their ERP systems.

ERP Services provides Change ERP workshops in Sri Lanka that specifically cater to a company’s requirements, providing guidance on what a company should pay attention to when changing their current ERP system.

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