ERP Advisors Group Showcased the Role of Client-Side Implementation Consultants

On Thursday, November 9th, ERP Advisor Group’s ERP Expert to CEOs and CFOs, Shawn Windle broke down the role of Client-Side Implementation Consultants and how they direct, guide, and advocate clients towards a successful ERP go-live.

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Shawn Windle, Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, emphasized the value client-side implementation consultants provide to an ERP project, and how their role differs from an implementation partner or an internal client project manager.

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Shawn Windle defined the role of a client-side implementation consultant by debunking common misconceptions about the position, and how the consultant adds tremendous value to any ERP project. Windle expanded on the importance of the role by stating, “They are the thought leader that drives your project to ensure everyone stays focused on the right things, handling risks before they turn into major issues, and keeping their eyes on project details.” Not only do they guide the projects during the implementation, but the client-side implementation consultant also ensures clear communication, execution, and planning throughout the project. Windle continues by stating, “They’re like a general contractor who can monitor a project through the entire lifecycle. That is what we do as client-side implementation consultants. We’re finding outpoints and resolving them before problems arise.” Organizations must acknowledge the value of client-side implementation consultants, and how their guidance can make an immediate impact during the implementation process and beyond. 

Your ERP Compass: Leveraging a Client-Side Implementation Consultant:

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