ERP Advisors Group Discussed How to Choose the Top Food & Beverage ERP System

On Thursday, April 14, ERP Advisors Group's ERP Expert to CEOs & CFOs Shawn Windle Taught Attendees How to Choose the Top Food & Beverage ERP System

Food & Beverage Production

On Thursday, April 14, The ERP Advisor Podcast hosted Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group Shawn Windle to provide key insights into selecting the top Food & Beverage ERP system to fit the needs of the buyer.

Watch the full webinar here.

Shawn Windle advised leaders on choosing the top Food & Beverage ERP system to fit every business' needs. "The challenges are quite large for the Food & Beverage industry. It is a basic concept, but you need to understand who you are as an organization before you can even begin to identify your ERP needs," shared Mr. Windle, as the product being manufactured dictates regulation and production requirements. Mr. Windle clarified that, "The bottom line is, as a Food & Beverage company, you really have to be specific about what you are trying to solve because there is not a one size fits all ERP." Once needs have been identified, Mr. Windle encourages listeners to, "establish your long-term strategy for the organization because your system needs adaptability for growth."

Watch the complete interview here.

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