ERP Advisors Group Closes September ERP Selection Month

ERP Advisors Group emphasized the importance of software selection by showcasing the importance of knowing your ERP needs, the role of ERP selection consultants, and how to win executive support with a solid business case, all in an exclusive series of ERP selection videos.

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ERP Advisors Group showcased a series of insider information about ERP Selections with Shawn Windle, Founder and Managing Principal. Mr. Windle revealed how to conduct a successful ERP selection in a documented series of selection videos throughout the month of September, ERP Selection Month. This showcase of content can equip business leaders who are contemplating an ERP selection with the tools to select the right ERP for their business.

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Shawn Windle perfectly summarized the role of ERP Selection Consultants, stating, “Without a selection consultant who understands the basics of your business, it doesn’t matter what they know about ERP, the selection will fail before it even starts.” Erica Windle, ERP consulting industry expert, mirrored his advice, further emphasizing, “Knowing your needs is crucial to achieving a successful ERP selection, regardless of your industry or company size. The right ERP consultant will make sure you understand your software needs and get consensus across your stakeholders, too.” To drive home the goal of undergoing an ERP selection, Mr. Windle reiterates, “A strong ERP project relies on open lines of communication, from conducting a cost-benefit analysis to coordinating resources for the selection. Effective communication ensures all aspects of the project are accounted for and handled.” It is imperative for businesses to thoroughly understand their needs before confronting an ERP selection, and with the right resources, you can ensure the success of your next ERP project.

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