ERP Advisors Group Asks: Will Deltek Force Upgrades From Vision to Vantagepoint?

EAG published a guide with important information for existing Deltek Vantagepoint and Vision customers

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, ERP Advisors Group published a guide for existing Deltek customers on whether or not it is time to upgrade from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint.

When Deltek first introduced Vantagepoint to the ERP world in August 2018, it prompted questions and concerns from customers who wondered what would happen to Deltek Vision. It was clear that Vantagepoint was meant to be an upgrade — but what was it exactly?

As it turned out, Deltek clarified that Vantagepoint was intended as a replacement for two different software solutions: Deltek for Professional Services and Deltek Vision.

According to ERP Advisors Group, an independent ERP consulting firm, several clients have requested guidance on whether or not they should upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint, because in November 2018, Deltek announced that Vision 7.6 “will remain in an active support mode (including regulatory updates) at least until the end of 2022.”  While that deadline is still two years away, a new ERP implementation can take months or years to complete.

According to Deltek, it should be a smooth transition for those already on the Vision platform. Rather than an entirely new implementation, it is possible that the migration from Vision to Vantagepoint could be compared to installing a new version of existing software — with the caution that the new interface could require a new round of user acceptance testing.

For those who question whether they should upgrade, or even whether Deltek Vantagepoint is the best product for their needs, ERP Advisors Group compiled a guide to the benefits and drawbacks of switching to Vantagepoint, as well as what to do if it's decided to remain on Vision.

Shawn Windle, the Managing Principal at ERP Advisors Group, cautions that "You should switch software only when you really need to. So, when deciding to upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint, do your due diligence, and ensure you are upgrading for the right reasons. Do not upgrade just because the vendor told you to, or because you are fed up with a particular company and want to get away from their products. Do your research and find out what is best for you."

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Source: ERP Advisors Group


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