Eric Trading, LLC Bridges the Gap in the Medical PPE Shortage with a Supply of Nitrile Gloves, Medical Gowns, 3 Ply Masks and More

Florida medical PPE retailer Eric Trading, LLC is stocked with supplies to ship to hospitals and health care providers around the country.

Eric Trading, LLC ships PPE to hospitals and medical centers.

Despite widespread pandemic supply shortages, Eric Trading, LLC is prepared to ship personal protective equipment to any part of the country. 

Open since 2018, the small, minority-owned company helps medical professionals stay safe and protected with high-quality, disposable PPE. Nitrile gloves, medical gowns, and shoe covers are among some of their equipment available for retail and bulk orders. Being the owner of a small business, Robert Chen takes pride in speaking directly to customers to address their immediate supply needs. 

"Our customers do not need to worry about waiting on supplies. They are already in stock and in our warehouse waiting to be shipped," said Chen

Contributing factors to personal protective equipment shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic ( discusses PPE supply shortages in 2020, and hospital purchasing departments are not wanting to get caught as in 2020 with lack of supplies. Hospitals need other options than usual manufacturer and distributors. Also, because of shipping delays coast to coast due to the pandemic, it is a good idea for hospitals to buy from national suppliers. has a supply at a warehouse in South Florida.

The pandemic shifted the company's focus from a wholesale supplier to a PPE retailer. With 10 different, high-quality items in stock at their Florida warehouse, Eric Trading, LLC is prepared to ship orders all over the country without waiting for supplies. Thanks to their local warehouse, orders can be shipped quickly for urgent needs. Currently, the company is also offering free shipping on all itemsHospitals can go to to buy in bulk. One can also inquire about nitrile gloves, bouffant caps, or isolation gowns at (954) 608-3886.

Eric Trading, LLC now offers the following on their website for hospitals and healthcare providers: 

  • AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gown 

  • Medgluv Bouffant Caps

  • Medgluv Latex Exam Gloves

  • Medgluv Shoe Covers with Non-Skid Bottom

  • Neumask Procedure Ear-loop Face Mask

  • NeuSkin Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • Nitracare Nitrile Exam Gloves 

  • Nitracare Plus 100 Nitral Exam Gloves

  • Nitraflex Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Nitriskin Blue Exam Gloves

    Eric Trading, LLC is responsible for this press release. For any media inquiries, go to or call 954-608-3886.

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