Eric Chifunda's New Book "An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality" is a Quest for the Truth Beyond What the Human Eye Perceives.

Eric Chifunda, a truly motivated man who strives to create art geared towards opening people's hearts, has completed his most recent book “An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality”:  a motivating and constructive plea to realize why it is so very important to stop and reflect on what life truly is spiritually, and what it means to each and every individual.

As a student of truth, Eric believes that, “...not all truth is given to one person. Therefore, no one has a monopoly on truth. I believe that each one of us may know something about truth that another may not know. Thus, it behooves us to listen to one another for we can all learn from one another irrespective of one’s religion or socioeconomic standing in life.”

Published by Fulton Books, Eric Chifunda’s book was written as an exploration of spiritual truth about life, love, and God beyond what is commonly known. It is a quest for the truth beyond what the human eye meets. Daily actions, successes, failures, relationships, events, accidents, though mundane on the surface, all have an individual attendant spiritual aspect, which is the higher version of reality of the physical act. How can one awaken to a higher reality so as to better understand what is going on in one’s life? Why is spirituality in day to day life important? How can a deeper understanding of everyday spirituality enhance life? How can this impact the future and overall perception of reality?

It is important to take pause and reflect on what life truly is and what it means in a spiritual sense. Since humans are not all physical, but spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies, it behooves the species to gain a better understanding of who and what they are spiritually. This understanding can awaken them to higher spiritual plane of truth and higher love which is always present, but which may be less accessible. How does love manifest in one’s life, and in what way can it help one reconnect with God irrespective of one’s religion? A deeper understanding of spiritual truth and higher love has the power to begin to lift one to greater spiritual heights of freedom, love, and joy, which can improve one’s quality of life. No matter how good an individual is, there is always room to become better, wiser, more loving, and stronger than they are today. Hopefully, the wisdom interlaced in this book will help raise each reader to a higher place than when they started reading.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring and uplifting work can purchase “An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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