Erado Secures New Patent for Journaling, Analysis, and Archiving of Electronic Communications

​Erado, the leading innovator of electronic communication archiving and compliance, announced that it has secured US Patent No. 9,548,956 pertaining to the journaling, analysis, and archiving of electronic communications.

The new patent covers the capturing of social media and other related electronic communications content via API. Once the content is secured, the program associates that content with the user’s email address, and then systematically delivers that content to one or more archiving platforms.

“This patent has been a long time coming. It makes social media and new communication platforms easy for regulated firms to adopt and archive for regulatory and/or e-discovery purposes. It validates the hard work of our entire team and the progress we’ve made as a company in the last five years,” said Craig Brauff, CEO of Erado.

“This patent represents one of the core functions of our technology,” said Calvin Cochran, Erado’s CTO. “While the language of patents is complex, our goal is to unify the archiving and compliance of social media, email, instant messaging, websites, text messages, audio, and video content so that customers can utilize our technology with existing and future archiving platforms. The technology behind this patent makes that possible, which is why it’s so valuable.”

Managing regulatory archiving and compliance can be challenging, especially as new communication channels emerge,” said Craig Brauff, CEO of Erado. “Given our relationships with leading financial firms, social networks, and next generation communication platforms, I am excited to report Erado is continually enhancing its enterprise unified archiving and compliance solutions, providing best-in-class technology that no other company can offer today.”

​About Erado

​Erado is a leader in unified archiving and compliance platforms for social media, email, instant messaging, websites, text messages, audio, and video content to customers worldwide. For the past 22 years, Erado has provided organizations in financial services, pharmaceuticals, government, and education with cost-effective archiving and compliance solutions.

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Source: Erado