Epomaker Proudly Presents Its New Tide 65 — Affordable Aluminum Keyboard

Having Delved Into the Mechanical Keyboard World for Years, Epomaker is Devoted to Bringing More Dated and Intriguing Products to the Community

Bearing the spirit “From the community, for the community,” Epomaker devoted itself in response to the community's needs. Having heard many voices for an affordable aluminum mechanical keyboard, Epomaker brings out the new Tide series: Tide 65.

Premium Solid Build With Mirror PVD Back Piece

Epomaker Tide 65 is constructed of solid 6063 aluminum with a mirror PVD piece decorating the back of the keyboard. The solid aluminum construction is highly favored for its durability. Epomaker Tide 65 furnishes the aluminum case with electrophoresis and anodization technique. These finishes ensure the metallic texture is preserved while enhancing resistance to daily wear and tear. The mirror PVD back piece subtly elevates the keyboard aesthetic while featuring the EPOMAKER logo.

QMK/VIA-Compatible With Hot-Swappable PCB in Gasket Design 

Epomaker Tide series features a budget aluminum keyboard. Although budget-friendly, Epomaker was determined to diversify the keyboard’s function. Being compatible with the open programming source QMK and VIA, despite its compact 65% layout, the Epomaker Tide 65 allows users to customize the keyboard based on personal needs and preferences. Equipped with a hot-swap PCB, users can easily swap the keycaps and switches, enhancing the DIY playability. Housed with an aluminum shell, the keyboard is sturdy and solid. The aluminum casing provides robustness, and the gasket structure with an FR4 plate delivers a soft, rebound typing experience. The keyboard is also equipped with various sound-absorbing foams and pads to ensure superior sound performance.

Aesthetic Outlook With Side-Engraved Keycaps Matching the Case Color

For keyboard enthusiasts, desk aesthetic is another pivotal factor for choosing a keyboard, other than the functionality. Epomaker Tide 65 embraces the keyboard functions and aesthetic. With the side-engraved keycaps aligned with the case color, the RGB shines through the keycaps, enlightening the whole keyboard. The south-facing LEDs enhance the RGB light display, creating an impressive visual experience during use.

Triple-Mode Connectivity With 4,000mAh Battery

Epomaker Tide 65 is an excellent solution for multitasking across various operating systems — Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, ensuring a seamless experience. With a formidable 4,000mAh battery, the Tide 65 delivers sustained power and unrivaled endurance. Epomaker Tide 65 boasts triple-mode connectivity — including wired USB, wireless Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz. The Bluetooth connection allows the keyboard to connect to up to three devices simultaneously.

Price and Availability

Epomaker Tide 65 is officially released across platforms, Epomaker’s official website, Amazon store on different sites, and AliExpress. The price goes to $119.99 for Blue and Black variants, and $105.99 for the Purple variant.

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