Epomaker Introduces High65 V2 - A Space-Saving and Innovatively Designed VIA-Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

Epomaker and Creatkeebs are thrilled to announce their collaboration on the highly anticipated High65 V2 mechanical keyboard.

Combining the expertise and innovation of two renowned keyboard manufacturers, the High65 V2 mechanical keyboard, featuring cutting-edge technology and premium materials for an unparalleled typing experience, delivers outstanding performance and innovative design for users.

65% Layout and VIA Programmable for Better Space Saving 
Featuring a compact and portable 65% layout, the High65 V2 is the ideal choice for professional gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike. It remains the main alpha area and some additional cursor keys. This layout aims to maximize function and avoid losing space for the mouse. AS VIA compatible, the Creatkeebs High65 V2 allows users to create macros and remap keys. Equipped with on-board memories, the key changes can be saved in different layers, and the keyboard can be easily switched to different layers. 

Premium Aluminum Body and Alu Weight 
The Createkeebs High65 V2 comes with a solid CNC aluminum body. The Dark Grey version of the case is made by oxidation technology, which keeps the color long-lasting. The Retro White case is crafted by electroplating technology - this process gives the keyboard case a better surface finish and a silky-smooth texture. At the backside of the keyboard, the Alu counterweight is designed with the theme of "High-think", a crucial element of this board. With all these processes, the resulting colors are extremely long-lasting, and the aluminum body is sturdy, durable, and corrosion and oxidation resistant. 

Gasket-mounted and Hot-swappable PCB for Much Fun 
The non-negligible thing about the customized keyboard is the customization and sound profile. The High65 V2 is gasket mounted and equipped with a hot-swappable PCB that is compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. The gray variant defaults with Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches, featuring a tactile typing experience. The retro white variant adopts Gateron CJ switches, featuring a linear typing experience. Within hot-swap socket, DIYers can change different switches based on personal typing preference. Apart from these, the keyboard comes with a set of sound-dampening foam layers, presenting a cleaner sound profile to users.

The Wired Connection Brings More Stability
Though the Createkeebs High65 V2 is available only in wired connection, this is the most reliable connection. For gamers and typists, who demand accuracy, speed, reliability, and endurance for long-time gaming and typing sessions, USB-C wired connection is always the best choice.

Price and Availability 
The High65 V2 mechanical keyboard is about to be released on the website soon. For now, Epomaker launched a $1 Reservation Card for fans and keyboard enthusiasts. For those who have bought the $1 Reservation Card, there would be an Early Bird Promotion Discount of $15 off. The official launch date will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. You can join and follow us to not miss any updates.

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