Epomaker Announces the Shadow-S, a VIA Gasket Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard

Epomaker is thrilled to announce its new edition, Shadow-S, a TKL budget-friendly keyboard catering to all needs.

Inspired by the Epomaker Shadow-X, Epomaker is proud to introduce the Shadow-S, designed for gamers, programmers, and tech enthusiasts. 

Compact and Programmable TKL Layout for Efficient Desk Use
The Epomaker Shadow-S boasts a sleek TKL layout, optimizing functionality and portability in a classic design. Although 75% of layout keyboards typically lack navigational and numeric keys, the Shadow-S maintains full functionality by integrating the open-source VIA software, effectively conserving desk space.

Smart Screen and Customizable Knob for Enhanced Interaction
In line with contemporary design trends, the Shadow-S features an intuitive 1.14-inch LCD screen and a rotary knob. The screen can be personalized using the Epomaker Custom Image Tool, allowing users to display favorite images or GIFs for a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, its aluminum rotary knob, which can be customized via VIA, doubles as a volume controller.

Gasket-mounted, Hot-Swappable PCB with Flex-Cut PC Plate
Known for its bouncy typing experience, the gasket-mount structure is a favorite in mechanical keyboards. Combined with a PC plate—ideal for gasket mounts—the Shadow-S provides a superior typing experience with each keystroke. The hot-swappable PCB design also enables users to tailor their keyboard to personal preferences.

Enhanced Acoustics with Multi-Layered Foam Construction
Sound quality is crucial in mechanical keyboards. The Shadow-S stands out by incorporating PORON foam and an IXPE switch sheet to reduce hollow sounds and minimize keystroke stress, enhancing the durability of the switches. A Silicon Pad at the base adds stability and improves sound insulation.

Versatile Triple-Mode Connection and Long-Lasting Battery Life
The Shadow-S is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, allowing easy switching between operating systems. It supports Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and USB-C wired connections for seamless multi-device integration. Equipped with a robust 4000mAh battery, the keyboard supports prolonged use without frequent recharges, perfect for long gaming sessions and demanding professional use. Enjoy the freedom of extended battery life with minimal interruptions.

Price and Availability
Epomaker Shadow-S has been released on Epomaker’s official website now and the price goes to $99.99, a budget keyboard with all the features mentioned above. It has various switch options to cater to the needs of different customers.

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Epomaker is short for Epoch of Makers. We are committed to providing feature-packed keyboards with affordable pricing that ships worldwide. Our goals for our keyboards are three things: customizability, affordability, and high standards. We are a team composed of gamers, software engineers, product designers, and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. We were inspired to create our own line of keyboards to share with the world. We wanted to make mechanical keyboards accessible to everyone. Our company is heavily dedicated to our community-without their feedback and suggestions, this keyboard would not have been a reality.  

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