EPL Winner: Manchester City Will Make It (Again), Crystal Palace in Danger

KickForm (http://www.kickform.com) is a mathematical algorithm to predict the outcome of football matches. The goal of KickForm is to calculate the worldwide most precise prediction of football matches on the basis of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). For that purpose, Professor Andreas Heuer developed a special and unique procedure - the KickForm Football Formula.

Predictions for England's Premier League - who will win the season 2021/22?

KickForm calculates predictions for single matches and gives a forecast for the season - the end of England's Premier League. The results are available on https://www.kickform.com/premier-league-season-close/

These are the Teams to win the Championship according to the scientists from KickForm:

Manchester City - 18.73%

Manchester United - 10.26%

FC Liverpool - 9.01%

You will find the entire matchday here: https://www.kickform.com/premier-league-tipps/

Methodology - A scientifically founded football prediction

In his book "The perfect tip", Prof. Heuer ascertained the existence of certain parameters that display a high correlation between the prediction of football games and the actual result. "The deciding factor for a perfect prediction is the performance level of a team that is composed of various KPIs, e.g. goalscoring opportunities, possession, market value, match day or home game advantage", said Prof. Heuer from Münster University. In his book, he was able to prove that predictions according to his model were better than those of bookmakers it was compared to. 

Progression - Making success in football measurable

KickForm has taken this procedure as a basis and is constantly enhancing it. The opportunities of analysis within the field of sports statistics are getting more sophisticated each day, the measuring of the game of football is getting ever more precise. Almost every movement of players, ball, and managers is being recorded, tactical formations are analyzed and new parameters such as packing are taken into account when analyzing the game. 

KickForm considers all available key figures, analyzes and evaluates them, and calculates correlations between factors and results and thereby constantly optimize the Kickform algorithm. As a result, the accuracy of the predictions is continually improving and Kickform is getting closer to the goal of delivering the world's best football prediction.

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Source: Kickform