Epicor Leadership Inspires Confidence and Hope for the Future at Epicor Insights 2021

In recent interviews published on July 27, 2021, Shawn Windle, founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, and TechTarget's Jim O'Donnell reveal an optimistic future for Epicor.

Windle returned from Epicor Insights 2021 with a renewed perspective of the ERP provider. "They are definitely committed to the existing customer base," he said. "They have a good opportunity to be top performers in the SMB market."

O'Donnell said about Epicor, "They are intent on making sure that the customers will have the sort of implementation that best suits them."

Windle noted that Epicor has strong financial backing and is attracting top talent to a highly motivated team. The company has recently invested in R&D, making a competitive play in the mid-market space.

Epicor ERP officially became known as Kinetic on June 10, 2021, improving upon current offerings in user experience, eCommerce, document security, EDI integration, spreadsheet integration, and regulatory standard support.

Epicor introduced EVA (Epicor Virtual Assistant) to assist users in routine tasks. Furthering its offerings even more, Epicor implemented a no-code solution for detailed personalization and customization of Kinetic software through the Application Studio.

The complete interviews with Windle and O'Donnell are available at https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com/blog/epicor-legacy-software-review and at https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com/blog/epicor-insights-2021.

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