Enviro Tech Launches ReducX for the Dairy, Food and Beverage Industries

No-rinse, antimicrobial sanitizer provides efficient equipment and facility cleaning and disinfection.

Modesto, California, manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) has introduced ReducX, its newest cleaning and disinfecting formula for food and beverage equipment and facility cleaning.

ReducX is a concentrated liquid sanitizer that is a 40 percent higher concentration than other commercial sanitizers, is based on peroxygen and octanoic acid chemistry, and provides a barrier that shields against contaminants for a longer duration. In facilities where sanitation costs are high, ReducX is a cost-effective option for a variety of food and beverage applications, including dairy and dairy products, beverage processing and bottling, wineries, and food processing.

With ReducX, food and beverage facilities can solve their sanitation and disinfection inefficiencies in less time and with fewer resources. Because of its acid-based formulation, ReducX disinfects as it cleans, does not require a water rinse after application, and eliminates the need for multiple sanitizing products.

"Safety is a major concern for food and beverage companies. They simply can't risk getting their customers sick," said Enviro Tech CEO Mike Harvey. "We created ReducX to make the sanitation process less expensive and more effective for long-term cleanliness and safety. Because it's more concentrated, ReducX has a high antimicrobial efficacy that prevents bacterial growth and regrowth. That's a relief to many food product manufacturers."

ReducX is ideal for any food production facility in which equipment must be sanitized frequently. Its chemistry is designed to combat fungi, mold, viruses and bacteria, with longer times between applications and greater effectiveness.

Hundreds of food manufacturing facilities rely on Enviro Tech's specialty chemicals to control microbial growth and ensure safety for consumers and production employees. The company creates a wide range of sanitizing and disinfecting products for food, agriculture, animal health, wastewater treatment and many more industries that rely on food and water safety.

ReducX is available from specialty chemical resellers nationwide. Visit www.envirotech.com and contact a sales representative for a list of distributors in any part of the U.S.


About Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc.

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc., (ETCS) a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative bromine technologies and peroxyacetic acid, delivers wide-ranging solutions that optimize operational efficiencies for keeping food and water safe and environments clean. ETCS partners with distributors to provide a complete line of EPA and FDA-approved products for a variety of industries including; industrial water treatment, meat and poultry processing, food & beverage, agriculture, animal health, oil & gas, wastewater treatment and more. ETCS holds 28 "parent" EPA registrations, 14 FDA Food Contact Notifications, and 13 U.S. patents. ETCS is privately held. More information can be found at www.envirotech.com

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