Enviro Tech Chemical Services Peragreen Products Listed Under 'Agrian' Label Directory

Sharing product information just got easier along the entire agriculture and food value chain

Peragreen microbial defense combats agricultural water system issues

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce its Peragreen products, formulated for the control and reduction of slime, algae, bacterial and fungal diseases in various agricultural water systems, is now listed on Agrian’s comprehensive online Label Lookup directory. 

Agrian is an ag software company that provides an online Label Lookup resource that more than 330 manufacturers use to ensure their customers have access to the right information to use their products safely, efficiently and effectively.

“Our partners rely on us for Peragreen products that perform seamlessly and reliably. By utilizing Agrian’s online sharing platform, our partners have easy access to pertinent product data and safety information to help them optimize product performance safely and effectively,” said Jon Howarth, ETCS senior vice president of technology.

By using Agrian’s online Label Lookup resource, ETCS customers can access pertinent information needed to maintain their Peragreen product compliance — at a time when consumers and food retailers are increasingly demanding more information about the way food is grown.

About Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc.
Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc. (ETCS), a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative peroxyacetic acid and bromine technologies, delivers wide-ranging solutions that optimize operational efficiencies for keeping food and water safe and environments clean. ETCS partners with distributors to provide a complete line of EPA and FDA approved products for a variety of industries including; industrial water treatment, meat and poultry processing, food & beverage, agriculture, animal health, oil & gas, wastewater treatment and more. ETCS holds 26 “parent” EPA registrations, 14 FDA Food Contact Notifications and 13 U.S. patents. ETCS is privately held. More information can be found at www.envirotech.com.

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Source: Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc.

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