EnviLDN Announces a Stand Against Breast Cancer

Online retailer EnviLDN has announced that during the month of October, they will be donating 5 percent of their profits towards breast cancer research in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"We want to support women in every way possible," says the Founder of EnviLDN.com. "We achieve this by developing products tailored to women of all backgrounds. In October, we are proudly supporting women and Breast Cancer Awareness Month by giving towards breast cancer research. We feel that our actions could inspire others to do the same."

"A woman's curves are what makes her unique," explains the Founder. "Our new fashion collection allows women to emphasize the most important part of their bodies, which gives them the right amount of confidence, regardless of their shape, size or height. We pride ourselves on giving all women the comfort and confidence they desire by shaping, smoothing and supporting their curves."

Since the company officially launched last year, EnviLDN has made an unprecedented name for themselves within the fashion industry. They provide competitive prices and a memorable online shopping experience. Based in New York, NY, EnviLDN has a dedicated customer service team and is consistently aiming to grow their business.

To find out more information about EnviLDN and to join the brand in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, visit their website directly.

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