Entries Are Now Open for the 2024 Brandies, IntelligenceBank’s Annual Brand Marketing Awards

The Brandies Awards Celebrate Excellence in Brand Design, Campaigns, Rebrands and Brand Management Software

IntelligenceBank Brandies 2024

IntelligenceBank, the platform that empowers global marketing teams to go to market faster, maintain brand integrity across channels and maintain legal compliance, is pleased to announce open entries for the 2024 Brandies. 

Once again, the Brandies will celebrate the brilliant brand work produced by marketing and brand heroes worldwide. Past winners included marketing teams from Univar, The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, HealthComp, Luminis Health, Medibank, National Australia Bank and many others. 

Categories for the 2024 brand marketing awards series are as follows:

Best Brand Campaign

This category will celebrate campaigns that effectively emphasize the company’s brand identity, core message or story. Competitive entries will be driven by a specific goal to improve brand equity, awareness or another result.

Best Rebrand or Brand Update

This brand award category will recognize excellence in either a comprehensive overhaul in identity or a significant update in market positioning, brand relevance or emotional resonance. Competitive entries will be able to tell a concise and compelling story about what prompted the decision to execute the changes and any perceived qualitative or quantitative feedback. 

Best Agency-Created Brand Design

Design agency work is often unheralded, and this award category will herald superb brand identity design and positioning work done with clear audiences and objectives in mind.   

Best Brand Portal Design and Execution

Brand portals are increasingly essential to helping companies ensure brand compliance across company and partner initiatives. This award category will seek out excellence in brand portal design, using evocative imagery representative of core brand identity. In addition, Brandies winners and finalists will provide evidence of outstanding UX and innovative use cases that truly enable internal and external partners. 

Entries can be submitted at https://intelligencebank.com/the-brandies/.

“There’s so much great brand work out there, yet not enough recognition,” said IntelligenceBank CEO Tessa Court. “The Brandies celebrate the inspiration and the perspiration — the strategists, the ideators and the facilitators.”

Entries will be accepted until midnight PDT on May 31, 2024. 

About IntelligenceBank

IntelligenceBank is the leading digital asset management, brand portal and marketing operations platform. Used by over 800,000+ users in 55 countries, IntelligenceBank employs AI and automation to ensure brands reach the market quickly, maintain brand consistency and adhere to regulatory compliance. Enterprise customers include Hyatt, Hertz, ING and KFC, with offices located in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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Source: IntelligenceBank