Entrepreneurship and the Need for Young India to Take the Plunge

"Connect|Inspire|Grow" with insights from industry expert Mr. Anupam Sen, Co-Founder, Traverse Research n' Consulting

To give students an overview of the industry expectations and skills required to meet the industry needs, Amity Global Business School organized its annual Corporate Meet 2014 on the theme “Goal 2014 : Connect, Inspire and Grow” at Amity campus, Sector 125, Noida. The Corporate Meet aimed to provide a platform for the young Turks to meet, interact and strengthen the academic bond with Industry Captains from different sectors deliberated upon the critical need of initiating value enhancing partnership between the industry and academics.

The event witnessed the presence of eminent personalities from leading organizations, enlightening the participants with their abundant knowledge to step in the corporate world. The pool of panelists included policymakers, businessmen, academicians, think tanks, and other key civil society players.

Youth is the time when one’s energy, imagination and inclination to take risks are at their highest levels. The mind is at its fertile best. It ranges freely and fearlessly, egging one on to take the plunge.

While business plan competitions have always existed in B Schools, there is today a new seriousness and focus with which these competitions are being approached by the participating students. While earlier these competitions were simply meant to broaden the mental horizons of the average student of management, today, they form a vital first step in the journey of many aspiring student entrepreneur.

Information technology has had a big role to play in empowering aspiring young turks and emboldening them to take the plunge. In a single sweep, IT and its most influential offspring, the internet, have brought down the cost of doing business, brought scattered resources within the reach of an entrepreneur and fundamentally changed the contours of the term ‘market’.

Speaking on the occasion, Anupam Sen, Co-Founder, Traverse Research n’ Consulting, said, “More and more youngsters are looking at becoming their own bosses instead of working for someone else. But what they lack is passion, perseverance & patience, what I call the 3P’s, the three key ingredients to becoming a successful entrepreneur. They have set their sights high. They are confident; many are even cocky. They want to build something. They are resourceful. They want to start early. Most importantly, they want to make a difference. They are the student entrepreneurs of today”.

Creativity has become more democratized. More and more youngsters from widely different backgrounds are coming up with ideas and innovations that they believe will seed and sustain enterprises. And, they are bold enough to test these ideas out in the market. All they need to do is keep their focus and build on the 3P’s!

Student entrepreneurship in India is showing signs of maturing, though a lot of work still needs to be done. The good news is that the ecosystem will evolve considerably in the next few years.


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