Entrepreneur Mustafa Khawaja Has Driven Sparta Nutrition's Growth 6,500 Percent From 2016 to 2017

Mustafa Khawaja is building the best team in the supplement industry with a family-like environment.

Mustafa Khawaja

Mustafa Khawaja launched Sparta Nutrition in Feb. 2016, and has already seen tremendous growth with his company. At just 27 years old, serial entrepreneur and investor, Khawaja has seen a 6,500 percent growth from just last year with sales and revenue. Their pre-workout and fat burner was also rated in the top three in 2017. His company is now selling to more than 30 countries and has taken some exciting new steps forward. No stranger to the business world, Khawaja started his first business at just 18 years old.

Khawaja has seen the supplement industry change with supplements that were once popular and trendy now changing. Customers today also have more of a voice in the industry and can share their opinions on products via forums and websites. That’s one of the reasons Khawaja knows social media is a great way to connect with his customer base. He recently signed the best digital marketing team to focus on building his company’s social media channels. Sparta Nutrition also just signed a well-known athlete that in the future will be used for promotion of the company.

Both family-oriented and a humanitarian at heart, Khawaja knows that it’s a true team effort that will help propel his company in the industry. No matter what goal he’s trying to accomplish or business venture he’s launched, Khawaja maintains his vision to love what he does. Through his company, he aims to change peoples’ lives and motivate and inspire others.

“I’m excited about the success my company has had in the last year, and the potential for even greater growth going forwards,” says Khawaja. “There are great advantages to being so young and launching a company. I’m willing to innovate both in how I connect with my customers and the products we carry to help them achieve their goals.”

Whether it's supplements for the hardcore athlete or for the “average Joe," Sparta Nutrition sells products that help a diverse audience meet their goals. They aim to offer products that are innovative and help their athletes break through barriers. The company sells a range of supplements for pre-and-post-workouts as well as fat burners, natural muscle builders, and more. Sparta Nutrition also offers the Cyclosome delivery system, which is the industry first 100 percent pharmaceutical grade delivery system that combines both cyclodextrins and liposomes delivery systems in supplements for a “best of both worlds” scenario.

About Sparta Nutrition

Founded by Mustafa Khawaja and his younger brother, Sparta Nutrition is delivering the most hardcore supplements on the market designed for people who want to seize their glory and achieve unparalleled results. With headquarters in New Jersey, Sparta Nutrition is one of the fastest-growing brands in the health and fitness industry and a global leader in supplements. Sparta's expansive product range of top-rated nutraceuticals is distributed to over 50 countries around the world. All of Sparta's products are made with honesty and integrity at one of the largest GMP certified and FDA audited facilities that have a 16/16 record. Sparta doesn't believe in proprietary blends and only uses clinical dosages for its products.

Gone are the days of mediocrity, it's a new age of innovation. Sparta is planning on launching their new Hydra8 BCAA supplement next month. Currently, the company's aiming to have the supplement ready and available in time for this year's Olympia Expo, which will be streamed live at www.stack3d.live.

Learn more about Sparta's products and join the Legion at SpartaNutrition.com

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Sparta Nutrition is delivering the most hardcore supplements on the market. Gone are the days of mediocrity, it's a new age of innovation.

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