Entrepreneur Janice McLean DeLoatch Launches the Black Shopping Network

Janice McLean DeLoatch, Black Shopping Network

Janice McLean DeLoatch has been an entrepreneur for almost three decades. Ms. DeLoatch began her first business in her late teens, opening a beauty school to rave reviews in the news media. She is an author, Autobiography of an Entrepreneur, and had her own pantyhose vending machine business in the 90s, with machines placed in the women’s rooms in most NFL stadiums. Janice created the first TV show that focused on small business entrepreneurs. As the “Queen of all media” It’s Janice! Alternative Resources for Minority Women Entrepreneurs, Janice now has a weekly radio show reaching nearly 40,000 listeners every Wednesday in Baltimore. But all of this time, says Janice, “I had the problem that all minority women entrepreneurs faced--no support from the financial community or access to critical AI operations platforms for my businesses to grow and to succeed.” 

On July 7, Blackout Tuesday, Janice says, “I am launching not just a shopping website--there are plenty of those--I am launching a new, totally unique, small minority business development platform, coupled with a state-of-the-art marketing and shopping service, The Black Shopping Network™. The site will provide small minority businesses with proprietary AI operational tools, the very best customer loyalty program and exclusive marketing programs to match their business with shoppers' needs, linking them directly to rapidly increase revenue.” Through data analytic modeling, the Black Shopping Network™ will align shopper’s needs with merchant products and services to exceed merchant revenue expectations.

“Small minority businesses don’t have to be lingering on a free shopping platform with thousands of other businesses just hoping a shopper will drop in,” says DeLoatch. “We want small minority businesses to succeed beyond expectations, and if they do so will minority communities everywhere. We are committed to building small black businesses one merchant at a time.” Shoppers will experience the pleasure of having access to unique small business products and services and the important role of supporting small minority merchants, building minority communities and securing the nation’s economy. Janice concludes, “Together, we can make a dream a reality--Black Businesses Matter™”.

Website - https://www.theblackshoppingnetworks.com/

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Source: The Black Shopping Network