Entertainment Lifestyle Expert Josh Mcbride Tackles Why Good Grooming is Important for Men on Tips on TV

Whether a Man is Going for a Rugged Look or a Metro Hipster Vibe, Discovering Some Simple Grooming Tips That Can Make a Big Difference

Josh McBride

For lifestyle and entertainment expert Josh McBride, it is one of his life-long goals to help men improve their appearance. McBride believes that in modern society it is not acceptable to become scruffy, smelly and ungroomed. McBride gives some expert tips on Tips on TV blog for guys this National Men's Grooming Day, which this year is Aug. 18 — a day to encourage males everywhere to purchase and employ grooming items, and to proactively manage their appearance. From lumberjacks to hipsters, these tips are essential for good grooming.

Men are more self-conscious than ever, and with summer in full swing, one thing that can slow a guy down is a cold sore. One common cold sore trigger can be exposure to sun. A recommendation to guys is keeping Carmex Cold Sore Treatment in their toiletry bag to help combat the next outbreak. Carmex Cold Sore Treatment's unique formula works on contact to reduce pain, minimize the appearance of the sore and helps promote healing. It is crafted to relieve the seven-worst cold sore symptoms: pain, itch, dryness, cracking, redness, scabbing and irritation. For more information, visit www.mycarmex.com.

For guys that always want to put their best foot forward or in some cases, their best scent forward: Tapout Body Sprays are a new line of six distinct, best-in-class, performance quality body sprays for men to inspire and bring out the discipline, determination and motivation in every individual. Tapout Body Sprays are perfect for getting ready for the day, after a workout, and for just smelling the best and feel unstoppable. They are easy to use, long-lasting, and will not break the bank at just under $8 at Wal-Mart and Walmart.com.

There is a great solution designed specifically for eye and forehead wrinkles it is called Wrinkles Schminkles. It is 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pads. Just place on the eyes and forehead and they treat the skin overnight while sleeping. Wake up to smooth and wrinkle-free skin. The Eye Smoothing Kit and Forehead Smoothing Kit pads work in three ways; they keep the skin taut so it cannot crease so the wrinkles cannot form, they create hydration and moisture from the inside out and they bring blood flow to the surface of the skin which can help stimulate collagen. Doctors have been using this same method to successfully treat scars for years. Each pack costs $30 and it is reusable for 20-30 times. Available at wrinklesschminkles.com.

Men, just like women, need options when it comes to haircare and a great line of products called the Esquire Men’s Grooming Collection. It has useful tools for all hair types and styles. The one item that is a standout is the Esquire Men’s Grooming Brush Dryer because it dries and combs hair easily. It is the first of its kind brush with the added benefit of drying as the hair is styled. Another great feature is that it adds volume and allows you to begin shaping and styling hair before product is used. So less product used, which is better for hair. Making hair awesome when fingers are running through it. For more information, visit Ulta.com or esquiremensgrooming.com.

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