Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Validates N2WS Backup & Recovery as a Leading Enterprise Product for Data Protection on AWS

New ESG Economic Validation finds that N2WS delivers up to 80% reduction in data protection storage costs, 10X faster cross-region recovery and reduces IT operational complexity for organizations running workloads on AWS

N2WS Backup & Recovery for AWS

N2WS, a leader in enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced that N2WS Backup & Recovery has been recognized by ESG as an enterprise-grade product that delivers significant productivity, resilience and cost reduction benefits, compared with other backup solutions not developed as cloud-first applications. The ESG validation coincides with the release of the N2WS AnySnap Archiver, which enables customers to directly archive legacy Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon S3 Glacier for long-term retention and immediate cost savings.

In an era of rapid digital transformation and public cloud adoption, downtime can cause significant disruption for any organization. The surge in ransomware attacks during 2020 placed more pressure on IT teams to properly secure their infrastructure and maintain 24/7 uptime. The added element of global economic uncertainty means organizations are looking for the most cost-effective ways to protect and manage their data footprint.

ESG completed an economic analysis of N2WS Backup & Recovery for AWS production environments, focusing on the benefits of automatically archiving backups to Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier to meet compliance and cost objectives.

N2WS has also released a new tool to help customers import older Amazon EBS snapshots and archive these directly to Amazon S3 storage tiers for long-term retention in N2WS Backup & Recovery v3.2.1. The N2WS AnySnap Archiver allows customers to retain backups for compliance and business continuity needs, while significantly reducing storage costs. Customers can see potential cost-savings by using the N2WS cost-estimator - a free online tool that predicts average cost savings when data backups are archived to Amazon S3 and/or Amazon S3 Glacier over long periods.

"N2WS is delighted to be recognized by ESG as a leader in AWS data protection," said Ohad Kritz, CEO, N2WS. "With nearly 10 years' experience delivering cloud-native solutions for backup and recovery, we're committed to helping customers protect their applications and data while recognizing the need to minimize impact on the bottom line. As our customers continue to navigate this challenging landscape, the N2WS AnySnap Archiver will help streamline data lifecycle management, bring greater storage cost savings and ensure businesses remain compliant."

Supporting Quotes

"Implementing backup and disaster recovery plans while managing large volumes of data presents multiple IT challenges," said Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst, ESG. "Our analysis found that investing in N2WS for AWS backup and recovery empowers customers to scale their AWS environment with ease. N2WS removes operational complexity, drives down storage costs and ensures compliance."

"My key objectives are to have confidence that our backups are working correctly and to save time. I don't have to spend more than 2-3 hours a month on this, so N2WS really pays for itself," said Robert Levine, Technology consultant at MySite Group LLC.

Additional Information

N2WS Backup & Recovery version 3.2.1 is available for immediate use by visiting AWS Marketplace here.

Calculate potential long-term storage savings with the N2WS cost-estimator tool and get a free copy of the ESG Economic Validation brief.

Contact N2WS about this release by sending a message to press@n2ws.com.

Source: N2W Software, Inc.