Enterprise Architecture Conference by John Zachman

In pursuit to bring advanced Enterprise Architecture program to Shanghai, the upcoming Enterprise Architecture Conference by John Zachman - Inventor of Enterprise Architecture in Shanghai 14th Dec 2010 is announced.

Zachman Framework is world's most proven model for aligning IT Investments & Business Goals. It has been applied for managing change & complexity in several Global 2000 organizations.

This conference is focused how to create value for your organization by systematically recording assets,processes, connectivity, people, timing and motivation, through a simple framework.

Applications of Enterprise Architecture

- Embarking on a Large scale transformation initiative? Understand the actions & activities minus buzzwords.
- Mergers & Acquisitions imperatives beyond just balance sheet consideration?
- Planning to flood the market with your new service offerings? And not sure about the bottleneck?
- Drawing the competitive analysis for the new market? It takes 6 months or 6 weeks?
- Not sure if your IT road-map is in sync with business strategies? Your IT investment is a seven-eight digit investment figures which gave you single digit benefit?
- Tired of the pile of documentation which doesn't result in effective decision making?
- 90% of organizational strategies fail to get implemented & operational? How to translate strategies to implementation effectively?

The objective of this one day Conference by John Zachman is to build an understanding of the concepts of Enterprise Architecture and develop a sense of urgency for implementing those concepts in a modern enterprise. It will greatly improve your chances for a successful implementation of enterprise information architecture.

Very often, CXOs find themselves in the middle of chaos wherein the enterprise spending more than $100 million per year to develop and maintain information technology systems which are not able to support changing business requirements.

In fact, there is growing need to consolidate the multiple line of business (LOB), face the complexity of rationalizing 70 or 100 plus IT systems and task of mapping their relevance to the enterprise profitability.

Make no mistake, such an implementation is a daunting task with opportunities to fail lurking in many places. As inventor of enterprise architecture, he has obviously encountered many implementation problems and gives some great advice on how to overcome.