Enter the Air Omni: PITAKA's First 6-in-1 Charging Solution

PITAKA Air Omni: A 6-in-1 Charging Station For All Your Devices

PITAKA announces the successful launch of the Air Omni, its newest innovation in wireless charging. Having generated significant buzz at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Air Omni met its funding goal in just under one hour after launching on Kickstarter in April.

The Air Omni is able to charge six devices simultaneously, using both plugin adapters and wireless technology. It includes PITAKA’s signature chain-coil aramid fiber wireless charging pad, an Apple MFi-certified pop-up Apple Watch charging dock, a spring-loaded toggle that shifts between Lightning and Type-C ports, additional Type-C and Type-A plugins on the side.

Offering broad-based charging functionality, the Air Omni can charge a wide array of devices at the same time. These include, but are not limited to, smartphones, tablets, the Apple Watch, Apple Air Pods, Samsung Ear Buds, the Nintendo Switch, and much more. The Air Omni includes a magnetic stand to position tablets horizontally, allowing users to even watch videos while charging their devices. It also comes with an optional travel case and includes a storage drawer for small items such as USB sticks and SIM cards.

The Air Omni has received positive attention from the tech review community. Todd Bernhard of iPhone Life gave the Air Omni 4 stars, calling it “streamlined”, and “built with style.” MacRumors, the world’s largest Apple discussion forum noted that though there are many multi-device chargers on the market, what makes the Air Omni unique is its “dedicated port for charging a tablet with different USB-C and Lightning adapters.”

“Like many people with multiple devices, I had a lot of wires and charging stations cluttering my desk and generally taking up space in my life,” said PITAKA founder and CEO James Zheng. “This issue inspired us at the PITAKA team to come up with an elegant and space-saving charging solution. After nearly a year of development, the Air Omni is a reality, and we are all very proud of its recent success”.

Air Omni Features:

  • Space to charge up to six devices a once
  • Convertible Lightning to Type–C connector
  • Apple MFi-certified Apple Watch charging dock
  • 18W fast-charging connectors
  • Aerospace-grade Aramid fiber charging pad
  • Hidden drawer for storing personal items

The Air Omni is available now on Kickstarter.


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