Enspire Announces Shauna Sanford Howell as Business Development Vice President


Enspire Healthcare LLC ("Enspire.me"), originator of Engagement Intelligence and digital workforce platforms, announced today that Shauna Sanford Howell joined Enspire as Business Development Vice President effective Dec. 1, 2020. Shauna is a proven technology executive with strong leadership skills and has several years of expertise with startups, technology, payers, and partnerships. Shauna Howell is a momentum maker with an established track record for overseeing key relationships with strategic client stakeholders and partners.

"I believe Enspire is the game-changing employee experience solution American employers need in this complicated season," states Shauna. "For over 25 years in benefits I haven't seen a solution that so adeptly wraps up the entire employee experience."

The Enspire Platform integrates everything employees need into one digital hub. Enspire removes barriers for employee communication by providing a code-free platform for mobile engagement. You don't need to be a developer to reach your employees through mobile: using the Enspire Platform anyone within HR, Safety, Total Rewards, CEOs and Communication teams can easily add content and send targeted push notifications to reach employees when and where it matters. Enspire also gives you full access to digital strategy teams and Enspire Analytics Engine for expert insights and designs that align employee communication needs with business priorities. In this time of remote workforces and increased demand for better employee communication, Enspire developed Engagement Intelligence to power true connectivity.

"I’m tremendously excited to have Shauna join our Business Development team," emphasizes Casey Loyd, Enspire Business Development Partners. "Shauna has the rare combination of benefits expertise, relationships with strategic partners and proven ability to bring emerging technologies to market. We believe her skillset and drive will help Enspire accelerate our growth and help more employers engage with their employees through the Enspire Platform."

Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO and Founder confirms, "I continue to be impressed with Casey's leadership and strategy to grow Enspire based on trust. Enspire is scaling quickly in large part because we value people and long-term client success. This fundamentally shifts the way business is conducted. Our Enspire teams are strong, supported and inspired which leads to client relationships that are stronger, innovative and trusting. Clients who can trust our teams feel supported, and this drives our success with client referrals and exponential growth. It all starts by caring about people."

Remote workforces changed everything, and Enspire has become a critical solution for enterprise-wide employee communication as businesses strive to reconnect with employees.

"It is imperative to have a talented sales team that begins this trust relationship. Shauna is a great example of choosing high talent with exceptional depth of passion and heart for the people she meets along the way. I compliment Casey and welcome Shauna to our team as we scale growth initiatives with Enspire."

Contact Enspire at myapp@enspire.me or learn more at https://enspire.me.

Press Contact is Amy Downey: amy@enspire.me 

Source: Enspire.me


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