Enginuity, LLC. Secures $50K Grant from the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority and the Missouri Department of Economic Development

Environmental Engineering Company Raises Money for Research and Planning of RainReserve

February 26, 2010, Hartville, MO - Enginuity, LLC., an environmentally conscious engineering and custom manufacturing company and developers of RainReserve, a rain barrel rain diverter, today announced it received a $50,000 grant from the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) and the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The funding will be used to advance research, planning and development of the company's flagship product, RainReserve, a rain barrel rain diverter that is easy to install and maintain, and is adaptable to any 2"x3" or 3"x4" downspout.

As excessive use, waste and contamination have put the world's fresh water supply at serious risk, RainReserve aims to provide users with a method to curb excessive use and preserve water by attaching to a drain downspout and diverting rainwater from a gutter system into a rain barrel. RainReserve helps consumers capture 600 gallons of water per one inch of rain on a 1000-square-foot roof. Enginuity's forward-looking innovation, take-back and recycling system, as well as the use of recycled barrels, reiterates Enginuity's pledge to find new life for materials that would otherwise be useless, if not potentially toxic, additions to ugly landfills.

Funding is awarded to Enginuity for stimulus purposes, as the current level of production and marketing are already directly providing jobs which contribute to the local economy, with the goal of adding more as demand and awareness increases. Indirectly, it is estimated that more than 120 American employees will have been involved by the time the product reaches its final point-of-sale. The singular use of American vendors and suppliers to provide every component that goes into the making of a RainReserve diverter illustrates the company's commitment to making a positive contribution to the economy.

While this project intends not only to reduce negative impact on the environment through the annual use of approximately 2,500 tons of plastic and paper that would have otherwise gone to Missouri landfills; the end product provides an immeasurable benefit to the environment through the capture of rainwater.
"Rainwater harvesting, a once-common practice that gradually fell out of favor is resurging interest among gardeners and environmentally-conscious consumers. Rain water collection through the use of rain barrels is not only of personal benefit to an individual, but to the eco-system as a whole through the reduction of energy usage," says Omar Galal, president of Enginuity and founder of RainReserve. "The RainReserve rain diverter creates a unique functionality unlike any other system on the market and eliminates all of the negative aspects associated with an old-fashioned rain barrel. Economically and environmentally; locally, nationally, and globally; RainReserve just makes sense."

The EIERA's goal of 'Helping Missouri's Recycling Infrastucture Grow' is accomplished by providing financial assistance to businesses involved in the development of products utilizing recovered materials and recycled content products. As part of the application, Omar Galal, president of Enginuity, was required to provide an overall description of the project, its current status, project goals and specific measurable objectives.

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