EnergyWare, LLC Extends Thanks to Its Customers

EnergyWare is thanking its loyal customers, whose continued business and trust throughout the economic downturn has enabled the company to avoid furloughing or laying off employees.

EnergyWare LLC

​​​​​​​​​​While the country is responding to the coronavirus pandemic, and close to 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits over the past six weeks, EnergyWare is thanking its customers for their continued support. As a result of its strong customer base, the company has been able to cover the salaries of its people, opting to avoid furloughing or laying off its employees. This commitment couldn’t be possible without the continued support of the EnergyWare community: the loyal customers who, despite the current economic landscape, continue to work with EnergyWare to navigate this crisis together. EnergyWare is a full-service, nationwide Energy Efficiency design, engineering, and installation company.

“We thank our employees for the vigilance to safety and our customers for the opportunities provided. While these are unchartered waters, we have worked on contingency plans in the past. While no one could be completely prepared for this epidemic, we had put some foresight into ensuring financial stability during uncertain times,” says Andy Bertamini, Chief Operations Officer.

Employees are especially appreciative of the customer and company commitment. Eric Bilotta, Product Director at EnergyWare, said, “The fact that our company would step up for its employees during this time shows how much we are valued and respected. It reinforces that working for EnergyWare is and continues to be the right choice.”

EnergyWare is one of the most experienced and respected energy efficiency firms in the United States. Customers across the United States have entrusted the organization to provide state-of-the-art energy solutions. EnergyWare designs and implements to exceed customers’ expectations for safety, quality, and aesthetics, while achieving a targeted return on investment and savings.

Further, EnergyWare is working closely with its customers to ensure projects can be completed on time and even in some cases with no capital needed.

Ed Repa, EVP of Sales, is a strong advocate of the customer-centric approach, stating, “We can't thank our customers enough. I also want to personally thank all our hard-working employees. Their continued commitment to our customers has been incredible. We've even been able to release additional products because of this commitment."

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EnergyWare is a full-service, nationwide Energy Efficiency design, engineering, and installation company. The company eliminates the guess-work of Energy Efficiency solutions by bringing lighting engineers, lighting designers, best-in-breed manufacturing, and trained ENERGY-centric electricians all under one umbrella. For more information, visit

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